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Ash K F/ Fat Pimp – “Swangin”

by Miracle

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Relationships 102 (listen/download)

Ash Kardash aka Ash K is a singer/songwriter/rapper holding it down for the great state of Texas. She’s quickly risen to popularity over the past couple of years due to her YouTube c(k)overs of mainstream hits. What makes her renditions standout is the fact that she adds her own lyrics and style to the tracks. Her most well known remixes to date include her remake of “Swimming Pools” by Kendrick Lamar which she turned into a killer smoker’s anthem and her version of “Diced Pineapples” by Maybach Music Group. Since people have started taking notice, the darling sensation has released three mixtapes. Her most recent effort dropped on Valentines Day and is dubbed Relationships 102. While all 13 tracks are definitely not to be slept on, there is one in particular that really struck a chord with the site.

Ash took a stab at doing her own version of “Connect” by Drake from his Nothing Was The Same LP. It’s renamed “Swangin” and it features fellow Texas artist Fat Pimp. She retained a bit of the melody and a sprinkling of the lyrics from the original but everything else is fresh. The production is flame. It’s composed of background harmonies and some good old fashioned beat boxing by Fat Pimp. It gives the sound quality an innovative a cappella type of feel. The hook is banging too. The vocals are on ten and the lyrics are smooth. A part of the sampling used can be found here as well. The verses are top shelf. Ash exhibits well-bred vocals and decent lyrics. Fat Pimp even drops a handful of noteworthy bars towards the end. They do a very commendable job of depicting a troubled romantic relationship from both female and male perspective. Some lines worth observing are: “He just wanna run around the city and make memories that he can barely remember. It’s not fair. I swear it’s not fair. He just wants to run over my feelings like he’s drinking and driving in an 18 wheeler. It’s not fair. I swear it’s not fair. He always tell me you ain’t got nothing to worry about. Stop asking about these hoes. It’s not fair. It’s not fair. But when it falls apart, I’m always still down to pick a million tiny little pieces off the ground. When it falls apart, I’m always still down to roll with the punches and just still hold him down.” Those bars right there paint quite the emotional situation. Overall, this is a triumphant revision of the original work.

**My Two Cents: I discovered Ash K while surfing through World Star Hip-Hop one night. I ended up checking out “Diced Pineapples,” thought it was dope, and hit Google to see if she had any other videos out. The search brought up her YouTube channel and I’ve been a fan ever since. She gets better and better with every project and I think it’s just a matter of time before she catches a break. Peep the video for “Swangin” above and if you dig it as much as I do, be sure to visit Live Mixtapes to give the rest of the tape an ear. -MinM

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