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Rockstxr Jones F/ Euro League, & BXHXLD – “My Life Is A Dream”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“My Life Is A Dream” F/ Euro League & BXHXLD (listen/download)

Rockstxr Jones is an up-and-coming artist with ties to both the East and the West Coast as he has spent some time in both California and New York. He’s got several projects under his belt and is currently preparing the follow up to his debut album, Better Than Good. The follow up has been dubbed The Good Fight and is set to be unleashed sometime in early 2013. To prepare his supporters for the upcoming album, Jones dropped the LP’s first official single “My Life Is A Dream” a few weeks ago. The single was produced by Killbox Music and contains a spin on music from the infamous children’s classic, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The production here is a scorcher. It is made up of: a heavy hitting bass, fetching background elements, and a suave street vibe. The hook is hot too. BXHXLD has well blended vocals going on and the lyrics are carefree. The verses are sick. Rockstxr Jones masters the first half of the song and Euro League adds his two cents in for the last half. Both emcees present tight flows, keen wordplay, and winning rhymes. They depict a very glamorous lifestyle that any individual would enjoy. Noteworthy lines from Jones include: “Need my money asap. But I ain’t repping what they fly. Everyday I’m doing more. Everyday I’m needing dough. Work hard and play hard. Canali suit at my funeral. This young n—a in this old thing. Don’t hate the player just hate the game.” Sly way with words being demonstrated in those bars. Overall, this song is a sure fire hit.

**My Two Cents: This was one of those cuts that I was feeling the moment it started playing. The beat is just ridiculous and the content fit the production like a puzzle piece. Plus, Jones has a savvy little style about him. If readers want more with Rockstxr Jones they can hit up his website and check out his music on Band Camp. -MinM

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