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Biddl3 – “Let It Rain”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Let It Rain” (listen/download)

Collegiate artist Biddl3 hit the net with a new song not too long ago. The track is titled “Let It Rain.” It is the official second single off of his upcoming mixtape which has now been titled Anticipatience. This song opens with the subtle sound of a gentle rain in the background as Biddl3 engages in a bit of spoken word. Following the poetic piece, the full record kicks in. The production here is good. It is made up of: a temperate foundation, slow tempo, and soothing vibe. There is no set hook. Instead, the title is worked into different parts of the song in a variety of ways. Which is a pretty creative alternative. The execution utilized for the verse switches up a bit but is all on point. There is some melody, more spoken word style, and a bit of just pure rhyming. Biddl3 encourages anyone who is going through difficult times to embrace their pain and let it out instead of holding it all in and making things worse. He states: “You don’t have to feel tough. Told yourself you wouldn’t cry.  So you let it sit because you shouldn’t lie. Now the magnitude of the situation is great. And you’re thinking it wasn’t worth ya waiting. Now your earth is quaking. Trying times have left you shaking. Problems baking, can’t take it.” Eloquent words being put forth right there. All in all, this was a very interesting cut.

**My Two Cents: I appreciate Biddl3 stepping outside of the box a little bit on this one. The different style really helped shape the track. And I love the message behind it too. Very heartfelt piece. For additional music by Biddl3 visit his YouTube channel. -MinM

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