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Queen Teti – “My Hair Is So Fly”

by Miracle

image(Photos By Queen Teti)

“My Hair Is So Fly” (listen/download)

Time to meet a new female artist. She goes by the moniker of Queen Teti. She came to the site by the way of previously featured producer/artist, Philly Anderson. She is a proud member of the natural community and is working on a brand new mixtape. The tape is dubbed 90° Angles and is scheduled to have guest appearances from Milwaukee emcees like ST Pennz of conscious old school Hip-Hop group Flo’Tron. At the moment, Teti is pushing a single off the project labeled “My Hair Is So Fly.” The production here is fresh. It consists of a groovy foundation, upbeat rhythm, soulful music ingredients, and a feel good vibe. The hook is delightful too. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are self-explanatory yet fetching. The verses are kosher. Queen Teti utilizes a down to earth flow, intellectual wordplay, and pointed rhymes. She spreads a message that is all about loving and embracing one’s natural beauty from head to toe. She spits: “Put ya fist in the air if your down for the brown. Dropping jewels from my crown. Knowledge of self is key. See we need to the see the light and feed it to our daughters. Tell ’em they beautiful over and over like a tape recorder. Sport her on your arm with pride. That’s to my king. To him fruit, knowledge, and wisdom is what I bring.” Those are some wholesome bars right there. Overall, this is something different yet still very much so a gem.

**My Two Cents: I like Queen Teti’s style. She has a great aura about her that shines through in her music. The song was awesome. The production was quality and the content was rich and meaningful. Definitely glad that I got the opportunity to share with readers. I would like to hear more of her music in the near future. For those who would like to keep up with Teti as well, they can give her a follow on Twitter. -MinM


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