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Proph – Wool Over My Eyes (Mixtape Review)

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Proph is a well known emcee here in Milwaukee. He also serves as the Co-CEO of the music label Umbrella Music Group. He’s behind one of the biggest local anthems in the state, “Green And Yellow.” He’s received accolades from mainstream heavyweights like Pharrell Williams and shared the stage with others like Wiz Khalifa. And his list of achievements could go on. So it goes without saying he’s one of the top contenders in the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. Some might even say he’s about ready to blow up. At the beginning of the month, he dropped a brand new project entitled Wool Over My Eyes. The album was sponsored by music sites Ruby Hornet and Donuts & Milk. It contains ten tracks and features from dope local artists like Klassik. Check the jump for a few standout tracks.

“So Cold”

This track was produced by Allen Halas. The production is sick. It contains a deep bass, light instrumentation, and a serious vibe.  No hook is utilized on this cut. Instead there are clips from the infamous documentary Pimps Up, Ho’s Down featuring former Milwaukee pimp Snooky. The verses are top notch. Proph brings a clear cut flow, sharp wordplay, and impeccable rhymes. He goes hard from start to finish. He conveys the intense message that he and his crew are in the game to win and they could care less who doesn’t like it. Peep it as he spits: “You don’t like my s–t. Never mind me. Just know that the real at wherever I be. I’m a big Ye fan but don’t try to con me. Catch me in South Beach, yeah where Lebron be. I’m a mothaf—in monster, King Kong P. I ain’t going back and forth on no ping pong beat. I ain’t talking bout a crew unless it’s me and my crew. They be making diss songs. I keep making hot s–t.” Proph snapped and the Kanye West reference was super clever. Overall, this track is a banger.

“Muscle” F/ $killz

This song was produced by Plaga. The production here is on point. It features a mid-tempo pace, various musical elements, and a hood vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is presented in a catchy manner and the lyrics are sufficient. The wording could have been a little more inventive though. The verses are great. Proph kills the first one and $killz murders the second. Both emcees came with signature flows and premium rhymes. They do a compelling job of demonstrating why they are two of the best in the Mil, when it comes to this rap hustle. Memorable lines from Proph include: “I might become a mason just to strengthen my connection. Got me calling on the Lord. I hope he keep me from depression. I’m a hustlin’ mother–ka, contacts add to my collection. Don’t you dare sleep on ambition for a milli f–kin’ second. Got some rappers who expect to be respected. But this ain’t bout your shoes. It’s bout the jewels that you have left us.” Not much to say, but Proph went off. In the end, this track is another winner and a favorite off of the project. Nice to see two of Milwaukee’s finest coming together.

“Wool Over My Eyes” F/ Aliesa Nicole

This is another Plaga produced number and the final track on the album. The production here is of high quality. The different components that make up  the beat create a smooth sound that gives off a mellow vibe. The hook is good. Miss Nicole has beautiful vocals and the lyrics are strong and meaningful. There is only one verse but it’s first-rate. Proph has a consistent flow and thought provoking personal rhymes. He shares a more vulnerable side of himself with the listener, which is a welcome change of pace. All in all, this song is a hit and closes out the album on a fine note.

**My Two Cents: Wool Over My Eyes as a whole is a choice project. Both the production and the content are dope. Every track delivers. It may have been a while since Proph’s last release, but there is no question that he’s still got it. Readers should for sure give the album a listen. Wool Over My Eyes is available on iTunes and Sound Cloud. While I’m sure Proph appreciates the support either way, I think the project is well worth the money. For more with the album, be sure to check out his site for visuals to the controversial yet quality cut “Newer B–ch.” -MinM

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