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PC The Real – “Great America” (Trailer)

by Miracle

BCDS158CMAE_clK(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Welcome To Great America” (listen/download)

PC The Real is a budding artist here in the 414. Currently, he is gearing up to drop a new project. The project is entitled Great America. The album is described as follows: “The land of the free and home of the brave presents opportunity to everyone, right? Either way PC is hungry and ready for the ride of his life! Seizing the opportunities ahead of him, now is his time. Buckle up, hands in the air, welcome to Great America!” – Sound Cloud / The lead single off of the upcoming work is a track called “Welcome To Great America” and it can be heard above.

To increase the anticipation for the pending release, PC put together a promotional trailer. The trailer was shot and directed by Sir Dom Hustle of Lifestyle Hustle. The trailer features the intro to the project. It’s an a-capella number with a very strong spoken word style to it. And the content is profound. The plot for the trailer centers around PC traveling throughout various locations in the city. The visuals are shot in black and white. The trailer ends with a shot of a playground on a snowy day and quick advertising for the release. All in all, it was a pretty compelling watch. Great America is due out sometime in May of this year. So be on the lookout.

**My Two Cents: This was an awesome trailer. I loved the intro and the message behind it. Combined with the way the scenes were edited and the black & white color choice, it left quite the impression. This was a nice first look at PC The Real. Might have to lend an ear to the project when it drops. Follow the rapper on Twitter to stay current on what he has going on. Much love to Isaiah for sharing yet another artist with the site. -MinM

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