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Great America Cover(Photo By Isaiah W.)

Great America (listen/download)

Artist PC The Real is on a roll at the moment. He’s followed up the release of his premier solo project, Great America, with visuals for the lead single. The rundown on said single which happens to be “Welcome To Great America,” can be found via the site’s previous review. Thoughts on the rest of the mixtape are presented in the review as well.

Great America CoverGreat America Back Cover

 (Photos By Isaiah W.)

Great America (listen/download)

Milwaukee rapper PC The Real was briefly introduced to readers back in March. He recently dropped his debut mixtape and thus it seemed fitting to not only check out the project but to also share a little more about the artist with the site. PC turned to music at an early age to channel his natural energy into something productive that would keep him out of trouble. He was motivated by his mother and sister. He was taught the significance of having versatile musical tastes and as a result came to love all genres of music. This is reflected in his musical influences which include the likes of: The Fray, Maroon 5, Nas, Kanye West, etc. It was “Crossroads” by infamous Cleveland rap group Bone Thugs -N- Harmony that made the biggest impression on a young PC though. It was an unique and appealing sound to him. PC went on to form a group with two of his best friends upon hitting his teens. They dubbed themselves D Class and released their first project in 2007. It was called A Day With D Class and it brokered the single, “Yes I Believe.” The song was an inspirational hit and got the group recognized for both their skills and intellect. The group’s initial success solidified PC’s passion for making music and performing live. The fellas went on to drop two more tapes before deciding to embark on solo journeys, Clash of the Titans and Clash of the Titans 2.

PC is now ready to prove what he can do on his own. Last month, he released his first solo effort entitled Great America. The tape serves as a four part adventure through the trials and tribulations of the good old USA. The four parts of the trip are broken down within the tape as follows: Welcome Home, The American Dream, Deeper Meanings and Forgive Us. PC serves as a tour guide of sorts, providing his perspective of the world based on his experiences here in the 414. His hope is that listeners will walk away with a deeper new found perception of the place Americans call home. Join him on the excursion, after the break.

BCDS158CMAE_clK(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Welcome To Great America” (listen/download)

PC The Real is a budding artist here in the 414. Currently, he is gearing up to drop a new project. The project is entitled Great America. The album is described as follows: “The land of the free and home of the brave presents opportunity to everyone, right? Either way PC is hungry and ready for the ride of his life! Seizing the opportunities ahead of him, now is his time. Buckle up, hands in the air, welcome to Great America!” – Sound Cloud / The lead single off of the upcoming work is a track called “Welcome To Great America” and it can be heard above.