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P.U.N. – Purgatory (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle


P.U.N. is an established rapper/producer on the rise here in Milwaukee, WI. He has graced the stage with some major names in Hip-Hop such as: Twista, Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy, and more. He has also collaborated with a lot of big names including: Bizzy Bone, Lil Wyte, Jelly Roll, etc. In addition to being a solo artist, P.U.N. is also part of an underground group called 4Legacy. And he has worked as a producer with many local artists like the homie Lil Ole P.  P.U.N. has done shows all over the Mid-West area and beyond and has a few mixtapes/albums under his belt. His most current project is entitled Purgatory and is hosted by DJ Fusion. It includes 19 total tracks and features a variety of local artists. P.U.N.’s ultimate goal with his music is to create a long standing name for himself by putting all of his talent and passion into his work. Can he do it? Let’s check a few tracks on the mixtape and find out.

“Brown Liquor & Broccoli”

The production here is good. It features a light bass, a few different sound effects, and a chill street vibe. The hook is quality too. It’s basically just repetition of the title with deep haunting effects done on the vocals. Similar to that of the chopped and screwed sound. The verses are on point as well. P.U.N. has a unique flow, solid wordplay, and fair rhymes. He does a respectable job of expressing his love of liquor and smoking to relax, help ease pain, etc. Peep it as he spits: “I don’t need them pills, I like to self medicate. My doctor’s name is green thumb. His prescription is more than straight. I’m working all day and night, only stop for a smoke break. No more Newports, I like my coffee with my wake and bake.” Those are some clever lines right there. Overall, this song is cool. Definitely one for all the smokers out there. Plus, it was a nice way to ease into the tape.

“The Life”

The production here is solid. It contains a light clap, a mid-tempo pace, and a low key club vibe. The hook is hot. The delivery is cleanly executed and the lyric are memorable. The verses are adequate too. P.U.N. brings his signature flow in a crisp clear fashion. And his lyrics are well put together. He does a great job of contributing to the laid back nature of the track. The highlight of this song though is it’s local appeal. P.U.N. mentions a variety of things that only a true Milwaukee native could appreciate. For example, Potawatomi Bingo Casino, clubbing on Milwaukee Street, and tailgating at Brewers games. In the end, this track is a winner. It has a great vibe and a strong sense of relatability.

“When We Get On” F/ Lil Ole P

This track features the homie Lil Ole P of Vibe Music. The production here is top notch. It consists of a heavy hitting bass with an intense hood vibe. The hook is ill. The delivery is smooth and the lyrics are fresh. “When we get on. I’m a be around, never gonna see me. I’m a be behind the tints of that all black Lamborghini. When we get on. They hating on me cause they lady riding with me. And they see me out here shining. I’m a put on for my city. When we get on,” those lines are too slick. The verses are of high quality. Lil Ole P kicks off the first verse and P.U.N. handles the second. Both rappers came with spotless flows and superior rhymes. Each rapper also brought their own individual swagger that leaves quite the impression on the listener. This song is a hit all the way around and a for sure favorite off of the tape.

“Let’s Go”

This is the final track on the tape. As a result, the song opens with P.U.N. giving thanks and showing love to all those who were a part of the project. From there the production kicks in. The production is decent and features an uptempo club style. The hook is satisfactory. It has a high energy delivery and simple yet catchy lyrics. The verses are standard. P.U.N. switches up his flow a little bit and it’s an acceptable change of pace. He also keeps up the fast energy and has sufficient rhymes. All in all, this track is worth a listen or two. Not the strongest cut on the tape but it still stands out.

**My Two Cents: These four tracks give a good well rounded view of what Purgatory has to offer. The project as a whole is dope and worth checking out. P.U.N. utilized some nice production, chose great collaborations, and provided some premium content of his own. And it has a little something for Hip-Hop fans of all kinds. But please lend it an ear yourself and check out the whole Purgatory project via DatPiff. The link is above and readers can get more with P.U.N. by checking him out via Reverb Nation. -MinM

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