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NUFF$AID F/ B. Genius – “Han Solo”

by Miracle

Han Solo Artwork(Photos By Novus)

So Nuff$aid is an up-and-comer from Brooklyn, New York. He is inspired by the likes of The Notorious B.I.G., Skee-Lo, Fabolous, Pharrell Williams, and Ma$e. His goal with his music is to breathe some new life into an industry that he feels is getting a little stale. At the moment, he is working on getting his debut project in order for his supporters. It’s titled Thou Art H.A.T.E.R and the second official single from the EP just hit the net a couple of days ago. It’s called “Han Solo” and it was produced by Kountdown Beats.
The production here is straight heat. It pairs a sampling of Mobb Deep‘s classic single “Shook Ones (Part 2)” with a flourishing bass, fetching secondary components, a captivating rhythm, and a dope street vibe. The hook is good. The delivery is trendy and the lyrics are easy to comprehend. The verses are of a four star quality. Nuff$aid knocks out the first and the third verses while B. Genius takes care of business on the second. Both artists administer evident flows, cunning wordplay, and well executed rhymes. They demonstrate a real aptitude for handling the mic. A handful of indelible lines from NUFF$AID are: “Hope these ignoramus listen. I am Hip-Hop’s new addition. Homies tell me cool it now. They probably fans of New Edition. From the dead I have arisen. Seen the white light through the prism. Free my brother that’s in prison. Hope he come back out with wisdom. Man I swear to God I miss him. But a n—a on a mission. All these haters slick dissing. Cause a nigga Slick Ricking.” Those bars right there are fresh and dripping with personality. Overall, this is a banging second selection from the Brooklyn hopeful.
**My Two Cents: I was feeling this track from the moment that I pressed play. Nuff$aid has a very magnetic style about him and his bars are of a grade A quality. He definitely stepped up to the plate on this one. B. Genius made for an evenly matched featured artist as well. And the Mobb Deep sample was utilized to perfection. Nothing bad at all to say about Nuff$aid or this record. Keep those eyes peeled. He will be back on the site again for sure. -MinM

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