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Nu Money – “Walk Away” (Video)

by Miracle


(Photo By Facebook)

Nu Money is a rising talent here in the Mil-Town. He’s a younger cat but he has been making a big splash as of late. He’s been tearing up stages all over the city and has earned the respect of a lot of the veteran artists in the 414. Not too long ago, he dropped a new project titled Double Cup Nightmares & Codeine Dreams. To give people a taste of what the work has to offer, he also released a set of visuals for his track, “Walk Away.” The track takes on a somber tone and features Nu Money getting some heavy personal issues off his chest. It is a very dope record that people will for sure be able to empathize with. Continue reading to find out how it translated visually.

This video was directed by Bulut Erdem and the lighting was handled by Blake Campbell for 2 Much Movement Studios. The flick opens with a slow moving glimpse into an apartment that comes to rest briefly on a collection of pictures on a wall as Nu Money is shown sitting down further inside. From there, Nu Money can be seen chilling on the couch with a “double cup full of problems” in his hand. There is a table with more pictures and his cell phone in front of him. The remainder of the video centers around the young emcee as he sits and reflects upon his troubles. He occasionally goes through the pictures, toys with his mobile device, etc. There are some additional views of Nu Money, like him doing his thing in an isolated hallway. The video is spiced up with standout effects on some of the photos and quick innovative appearances of Nu Money’s son who he sites as his saving grace in the song. The highlight of the video though is Nu Money’s emotional performance. The viewer could tell he genuinely felt what he was rhyming about and that this record comes from a real place. Things finish up with a slow pan out of the apartment and a quote by Neil Gaiman. Overall, this was a decent set of visuals.

**My Two Cents: This was my first full taste of Nu Money and his music. I really enjoyed it. The song is hot and the visuals are a perfect representation of the lyrics. I can definitely understand why he is building such a buzz around the city. Double Cup Nightmares & Codeine Dreams is available now. Hit Nu Money up on Facebook to find out how to secure a copy. -MinM

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