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Nu Money – “Po’ Up” (Video)

by Miracle

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Nu Money is seemingly one of those artists with a never ending grind. Since his last feature on the site he has released another project (Morning Flights 9/11), continued to kill stages around the city, and is currently preparing his followers for his senior release. It’s titled Perc Kodiene and will be available February 20, 2014. To build up anticipation for the tape, the young rapper is pushing a couple of different items. One of which happens to be a set of visuals for his song “Po Up.” It’s a mellowed out party groove that has been a huge hit within the Milwaukee music scene. Peep the video below.

This video was put together by Syndicate Cartel Media. The storyline for the flick is pretty transparent. It more or less just entails Nu Money on a night out at the club. He graces the stage with a breezy laid-back performance, spends a little time admiring the ladies, turns up with his boys, and of course gets his drink on. The low level lighting, purple hued background, and bright neon colored glowing accessories provide a really innovative and aesthetically pleasing layer to the piece. The festivities end with a final close up shot of some cup action before the camera completely fades to black. All in all, this was a high-grade viewing.

**My Two Cents: This was a pretty slick song & video. The production and tone of the track are super appealing and the video was very professionally packaged. I especially enjoyed the color scheme that was used. It looked really dope. Props to Nu Money for having yet another winner on his hands. Be sure to stay locked into his website (see above link) to catch future releases and the upcoming Perc Kodiene project. -MinM


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Rockz December 12, 2013 - 8:34 am

NuMoney has that “IT” factor i must admit! He’s dope and that video should have way more views.


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