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The Illixer’s Songs Of The Year (2014)

 2015 Top 5 New Artists

 Top 5 Rap and R&B Albums of 2014 (Mainstream)

**Editors Note: So in the spirit of dropping a bunch of lists to round out the year, Pooh Bailey decided to do a couple more for the site. She gave us her top album picks from the mainstream world (see above). Then she also decided to trifle through the archives and select some of her favorite mixtapes of 2014. Mostly local picks but a few outsiders won her over too. Take a peek and see who all made the cut after the break. 

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#ISupport Volume 1 (listen/download)

#ISupport Volume 2 (listen/download)

Nu Money is no stranger to these parts. His last feature on the site was back in May for his Perc Kodiene album review.  He has since been on his grind creating fresh tunes and indulging in other ventures to advance his career. He is currently working on a new mixtape titled Dreamers Never Sleep. He is also another MKE talent that has created a bit of a buzz for himself on the 414 Video Spotlight show.

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“Po’ Up” (previous review)

“Wanna Know” (previous review)

Earlier this year Milwaukee rapper Nu Money released one of the most talked about projects of 2014, Perc Kodiene. The mixtape consists of a total of 13 tracks and includes guest appearances from the likes of: Awol, Jae Ace, Pizzle, and more. As a new-found fan of the young rapper and his music, The Illixer decided to check out the tape and discover what all of the hoopla was about. Find out which tracks made the biggest impression on the site after the break.

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Nu Money is seemingly one of those artists with a never ending grind. Since his last feature on the site he has released another project (Morning Flights 9/11), continued to kill stages around the city, and is currently preparing his followers for his senior release. It’s titled Perc Kodiene and will be available February 20, 2014. To build up anticipation for the tape, the young rapper is pushing a couple of different items. One of which happens to be a set of visuals for his song “Po Up.” It’s a mellowed out party groove that has been a huge hit within the Milwaukee music scene. Peep the video below.