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News: Wannabe Rapper Drops A Freestyle While A SWAT Team Invades His Home

by Miracle

josh-jackson-adequate-advocate(Photo By Google Images)

The idea of being surrounded by the police and hauled off to jail is a bit upsetting to most people. Being in the midst of the actual situation typically brings about feelings of fear and panic. But not for aspiring “rapper” Adequate Advocate. The Colorado resident got himself into quite the ordeal earlier this week.

Police reports state that following some type of confrontation, Adequate allegedly threatened his roommates with a knife. They called the police to have him removed from the home that they all shared and he refused to exit the property. He instead decided to lock himself in his room. After failing to persuade Adequate to leave peacefully, a SWAT team was called in. News sources report that things escalated to the point where there were a total of 15 squad cars as well as the SWAT team’s Bearcat armored vehicle outside of the residence at one time. While most individuals would have been trying to think of a way out or considering giving up; Adequate decided to hop on Facebook and YouTube. He created statuses about his amendment rights and wanted everyone to be aware of the fact that he was unarmed.

Once he completed his status updates, he recorded a freestyle containing details pertaining to his version of the situation and uploaded it to his channel. The video was cut short by a loud boom. The authorities ultimately chose to launch a series of flash bang grenades into the dwelling since it was made evident that the rapper wasn’t going to leave on his own. Eventually, the police were able to get Adequate off of the premises and place him under arrest. He is being charged with felony menacing. His court date has been set for the 13th of this month. Authorities say this is not Adequate’s first run in with the law either. Back in 2005, he did a 90 day stint in jail for third-degree assault upon losing his grandfather to suicide. He resisted arrest on that occasion too. The freestyle he recorded while waiting for the SWAT team to storm in can be viewed below.

**My Two Cents: This situation is both sad and comical at the same time. It’s sad because I believe that Adequate has some mental health problems that need to be treated. His behavior was extremely over the top. It’s comical because the scenario was blown way out of proportion and his rhymes were simply awful. Hopefully his court date turns out for the best and he calms down a bit. I feel for his roommates, smh. -MinM

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