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News: Rapper Lil Reese Arrested And Held On $100,000 Bail

by Miracle

REESE1(Photo By HipHopWired.Com)

Chief Keef associate and Def Jam artist, rapper Lil Reese was arrested yesterday (4/28) for an array of different charges. The police found Reese early Sunday Morning while he was asleep in a car near a park on the Southside of Chicago. The arrest warrant issued for the young rapper included charges of: criminal trespass to a residence with persons present, mob action, and battery. These charges stem from an incident that took place in February of 2012. No specific details have been given about the incident at the moment. Lil Reese was being held on a $100,000 bail at press time.

This is not Reese’s first brush with the law. He has a nice little criminal background that entails burglary as well as driving infractions. His most notorious offense though does not come from an incident where he suffered any consequences. Last October, the rapper found himself the subject of an online firestorm due to a video that began to circulate around the web that shows him getting into a physical altercation with a female. He and his friends were in the unidentified female’s home. He began to have words with her and things escalated into an assault. It has been requested by outraged viewers online that he be brought up on charges for this deplorable act but nothing has taken place so far. When confronted about the video, Lil Reese dismissed it on the grounds that he says it was an event that took place in his past. If all of that wasn’t enough, Chicago police are investigating the murder of another windy city rapper Lil Jojo and Lil Reese is believed to have some type of connection to the murder. Quite a bit of legal trouble for someone who is only 20 years old, huh?

**My Two Cents: I do not care for Chief Keef or anyone else in his camp. I feel their music lacks substance and I don’t feel like they bring anything new to the table. However, I feel sad for Lil Reese. He has an amazing opportunity and he’s blowing it. Instead of pushing the limits of the law, he should be locked in a studio somewhere, putting that Def Jam deal to proper use. The fact that he is not even legal yet makes it that much more heart breaking. Hopefully, he gets it together one day. -MinM

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