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News: Are Busta Rhymes & Pharrell Song Stealers?

by Miracle

BustaRhymesPharrell(Photo By Google Images)

The music game isn’t as thriving as it used to be. There is no question about that. But has it gotten so tough that veterans have resorted to stealing songs in order to make a comeback? That’s the word on the street as it relates to long term figures in the Hip-Hop game, Busta Rhymes and Pharrell Williams. Rhymes released a song last week titled “Twerk It.” The record was produced by and contains a guest appearance from Williams. For the most part, people and supporters of the duo are loving the collaboration. However, there is one individual who is not so happy about the single. Miami rapper Monty $$ contends that the cut was stolen from him. Monty says he released his own version of the song a while ago and that Rhymes and Williams copied it and placed it on the mainstream airwaves as their own. He says you can hear the duplication specifically in the drum patterns of the beat and the delivery of the hook.

Monty believes the duo got the track from a friend that he sent it to that just so happens to work for Williams. That friend’s name was not released to the press. He went on to state that he has taped phone conversations with said friend who admits that Williams based his version of the record off of Monty’s submission. Monty claims he has tried to reach out to Busta Rhymes to resolve this situation but has not been successful in obtaining a response. Williams has not commented on the matter either. Additionally, Monty states that he doesn’t want any type of money for the record, just the credit and respect for being the originator. Also, he wants the two to be aware of the harm they are doing by “stealing” a song from an artist still trying to establish himself in the industry. Busta Rhymes & Pharrell’s version of “Twerk It” can be heard on Sound Cloud and Monty’s version can be heard here.

**My Two Cents: This is a mess. I listened to both songs and I personally don’t hear any similarities. Furthermore, both versions of the single are horrid in my opinion. Busta & Pharrell are capable of putting out way better tunes. And if that’s the best Monty can do, he may want to rethink his career. Click the links and see if you think a song caper has occurred. -MinM

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