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New Music From: Estelle

by Miracle

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

R&B/Hip-Hop England native Estelle is gearing up to release her third studio album. The album is entitled All Of Me and is scheduled for release later this month. In anticipation of the new project, Estelle is releasing new music for her fans. Her first new release came in the form of “Wonderful Life.” It is the third official single off of the upcoming album. It was dropped on Valentines Day with a brand new video. The track is an upbeat number about staying strong in hard times while hoping for better days to come. Estelle has great vocals at work and the story is one that anybody can relate to. The video features the lyrics on screen while showing people from all different walks of life doing ordinary day to day activities. It’s a very nice compliment to the single and can be seen below.


“International (Serious)”  F/ Chris Brown and Trey Songz (via Ivy Awino)

Another new release that is fresh off the press so to speak, is a track called “International.” The track was produced by Hip-Hop vet David Banner and features beloved R&B superstars Chris Brown and Trey Songz. That line up alone is impressive. The track takes on a Hip-Hop style. The production is hot. It features a strong bass and an intense vibe. The hook is quality. The vocals are on point and the lyrics are clever. The verses are solid. All three artists did a respectable job. The trio came with adequate vocals and sufficient lyrics. There was even a little rhyming thrown into the mix, which wasn’t half bad. However, this wasn’t the best work from any of the talents. It seemed to jump back and forth a bit too often and the rhyming didn’t do much for the song. If the verses were reorganized and the trio just put forth their best R&B game, the track would be better. In the end though, this track is worth checking out at least once or twice. Banner slayed the beat and it does have a certain appeal to it. Readers can always decide for themselves too. Just click that link and give the track a listen. For those interested, All Of Me is set to hit retailers on the 28th. For more details and to pre-order, hit up Estelle’s website.

**My Two Cents: Of the two tracks, “Wonderful Life” is the best one in my opinion. It has an awesome feel to it and Estelle just did her thing. “International (Serious)” is not bad, Estelle did the best out of the three. Trey and Chris just seemed to be all over the place. I get they were trying to match the more serious theme of the cut, but they tried a little too hard. Anyways, wish Estelle the best of luck with the new album. -MinM

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