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Neak – “The Kids” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Artwork - The Kids (Prod by Slot-A)(Photos By Neak)

“The Kids” (listen/download)

Conscious Chicago mind Neak is moving full speed ahead with the campaign for his upcoming album. Along the way, he is engaging in a few side ventures as well. His latest part of the journey includes the promo of a cut called “The Kids.” The song appeared on a mixtape that was put together by t-shirt line and lifestyle brand, RA-NYC. The song was produced by Slot-A. The production here is very eccentric. There is an offbeat foundation, a gait with multiple speeds, quirky musical ingredients, and an unconventional vibe. The hook is interesting too. The delivery is distinct and the lyrics evoke thought. The verses are real. Neak brings a spotless flow, honest wordplay, and enlightening rhymes. He calls attention to the lifestyle elements that are glamorized in today’s society such as: sex, money & material wealth, violence, drugs, etc; and the negative impact that it all has on the youth. Some worthwhile lines are: “It’s money, murder, sex, drugs, killer. A misconcept, see I’m a real n—a. I need this Christ on my f—king chain. All up in this b–ch like a gang bang. Finna blow away my money. Now these hoes gone love me. This s–t is all poison and televised. Funny how it’s heaven to a kid, nothing fresher. Idolize a image showing off, now vendettas. On they sleeve, in they hearts where they rocking it.” Deep message found within those bars right there. Overall, this is a powerful quality effort.

The video for this record was handled by Aaron Perkins Jr. The concept is really straight forward. Neak appears from the neck up against a plain black backdrop and performs accordingly. While he does his thing, the camera occasionally cuts away to lightening fast montages that depict images of the worldly ills that Neak touches upon. The transitions involve lots of tricks with hues and movement. The video ends with a simple shot of a small child being shown against the previously mentioned backdrop. All in all, this was a great companion piece for the single.

**My Two Cents: This was an inventive approach to spreading a message that needs to be heard for sure. Society really is putting forth some horrible ideals into the minds of our young people. We need more people to not only speak up about it but to serve as appropriate examples of what our children should aspire to be like as they grow up. I have mad love & respect for Neak for doing this song and video. If readers do too, they can let him know so on Twitter. His next project Paura/Amore is coming later this year, so be on the lookout. -MinM

Screen Shot - Neak - The Kids

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