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Flash Giordani – “Murky Waters” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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“Murky Waters” (listen/download)

Flash Giordani is a popular Asian Hip-Hop artist who is putting on for Baltimore. He prides himself on making music for any situation and is gearing up to hit his supporters with a new project in the Fall called, Ocean Of Lies. The first single off of the offering is titled “Murky Waters.” The track was produced by RndySvge. He did an outstanding job too. It contains a healthy bass, suave tempo, plush secondary components, and a snazzy vibe. There is no hook used. The song title is just referenced in a few lines at the end of the song. The extended verse is dope. Flash exhibits a distinguished flow, quick-witted wordplay, and first-rate rhymes. He relays colorful thoughts as it pertains to his personality, dealing with females, and more. A couple of lines worth observing are: “Baby, I f–k around and make you my lady. Squash my beef with big homie. Cause fighting over hoes fugazi. It’s the Asian savior baby. I might have to be the martyr. Just grab my hand. Let’s go scuba dive in the murky water.” Those are some sly bars right there. All in all, this record is a smash.

To give the song a little more presence, Flash released a set of visuals. Desean R is the individual who shot and directed the video. It’s focal point is basically centered around Flash as he maneuvers about the outdoors. He swags it out primarily in a heavily wooded area with a body of water that spreads throughout it but he also spends some time posted up in front of a gate with one of his homies and in the trenches of a concrete structure. The flick is accessorized with special effects that include: motion, color, transitions, and angles. Flash gives a pretty charismatic performance too which definitely drives the appeal of the video up a notch or two. Overall, this was a simple yet first-string offering.

**My Two Cents: I love Flash’s flow and style. He’s definitely got his own thing going on. His rhymes have a good flair to them but could be a tad bit more complex. I enjoyed the song though and the video was up to par as well. I’d be interested to hear more from Flash in the future. -MinM

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