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Monk-bms – The Fallacy: The Grass Is Always Greener Before We Burn It (EP Review)

by Miracle

The Fallacy: The Grass Is Always Greener Before We Burn It

Readers meet Monk-bms. He’s an interesting emcee from here in Milwaukee. He also produces, puts together memorable events, and is passionate about branding. Last month he dropped a brand new EP titled, The Fallacy: The Grass Is Always Greener Before We Burn It. The project has about six tracks total and has an Alternative Hip-Hop sound. Also, it features a guest appearance from our buddy Ebonix of Amerikas Addiction. He goes by Addiction in this case though. Check out a review of two stand out tracks from the EP, after the jump.

“Free Air” F/ Addiction

The production here is fire. It contains a solid bass, some jazzy sound effects, and a very cool vibe. There is no hook on this cut but it’s not really needed. Instead Monk and Addiction spit for the entire track, in a back and forth format. They do an excellent job too. The transitions are flawless and they compliment each other well. Both rappers came with charismatic flows, serrated wordplay, and top notch rhymes. They do an impressive job of flexing their skills on the track. Some noteworthy lines from Monk include: “And I’m sorry if I ruined ya ability to speak. I busted down the door, the room was full of f–king freaks. Seek only to inspire. Phone call coming through the wire. Addiction said f–k ’em. Do what you desire.” Just a few lines but very clever and a great way to tie in his guest artist. Overall, this song is hot. It starts the EP off with a bang.

“Well Here I Am”

The production here is sick. It features a strong guitar presence coupled with a few other sounds and an intense vibe. It has more of a Rock feel to it then Hip-Hop, but it’s a nice change of pace. The hook is solid. The delivery is unique, the lyrics are interesting, and there is a slightly dark tone to it all. The verses are choice. Monk brings a clean edgy flow, witty wordplay, and proficient rhymes. He does a compelling job of giving the listener some insight as to who he is and how he feels about his career. In the end, this is another hit track. The different style is refreshing and Monk did his thing.

**My Two Cents: I think these two tracks give a well rounded view of Monk-bms and his skills. He’s not confined to just the typical brand of Hip-Hop and that is an attractive quality to have. It gives him the opportunity to build a diverse fan base and experiment a bit with his sound. It is highly suggested that readers take a listen to the rest of the EP on Band Camp via the provided link. The project as a whole is creative and well put together. You won’t be disappointed. Keep up with Monk-bms here and stay tuned to the site for details on Monk’s upcoming event. -MinM

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