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Kirko Bangz F/ J. Cole – “Drank In My Cup” (Remix)

by Miracle

(Photo By MTV.Com)

“Drank In My Cup” (Remix) F/ J. Cole (via Ivy Awino)

Houston rapper Kirko Bangz has been causing quite the stir in the music world as of late. His latest mixtape Progression 2: A Young Texas Playa has gotten rave reviews and received over 100,000 downloads just off of Dat Piff alone. That is pretty impressive. His most recent single “Drank In My Cup” can be heard on just about any radio station or in any club. So of course it sparked a few remixes. One of those remixes features rapper 2 Chainz and the other remix features J. Cole. This review will focus on the J. Cole remix. The production here is the same as the original. It is a dope beat though. The low bass and light sound effects come together to create an extra smooth vibe. The hook is also the same. It is on point too. The sing song delivery and the simple yet catchy lyrics make it work. The verses are where the difference comes in. Kirko Bangz takes the first verse with new material. He retains his melodic flow and the new rhymes are fair. However, the lyrics could have been more creative and the wordplay needs to be stepped up a notch. J. Cole takes on the second verse. He brings a nice clean flow and his rhymes are solid. He keeps with the cocky, sensual, party themes of the track. But he too could have been a lot stronger lyrically. As is, his rhymes are mediocre at best and that is just unacceptable given J. Cole’s status in the game. The track ends in a screwed and chopped fashion, just like the original. In the end, this remix was just alright. The idea of adding all new content to the track was nice but it was not well executed. Please judge for yourselves though and take a listen via the provided link.

**My Two Cents: This was my first time hearing Kirko Bangz. He is decent but this song didn’t quite live up to all the hype. And I love J. Cole but this was not one of his best features by any means. I felt like he dumbed himself down to fit the track and that is never a good look. But it is what it is. Readers can get more with Kirko Bangz via his website. -MinM

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