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Meet North Carolina Crooner: Eliz Camacho

by Miracle

(Photo By 26 Mgmt. LLC )

“Get Loose”

Readers meet Eliz Camacho. Eliz  is a singer, songwriter, and actress born in Illinois and currently residing in North Carolina. She specializes in Pop and R&B music. Like a lot of singers, Eliz got into music at a young age via her church choir. She continued singing in junior high school where she began to successfully perform in competitions. After junior high, Eliz started getting into acting. She was cast in a few productions, graduated from a career center, and signed with a talent agency. In 2008, it was her singing that got her noticed though. She performed the National Anthem at a rally for President Obama in North Carolina and the rest as they say is history. Since that time she has gone on to: land major acting gigs, star in commercials, win awards, and be featured in numerous publications. Currenty, Eliz has just put the finishing touches on her debut album House of Mirrors. She recently dropped the first single entitled “Get Loose.” A review of the single can be found after the jump.

The production here is hot. It features a solid bass line, a strong Jazz like horn at work, and a club type of vibe. The hook is on point as well. Eliz has quality vocals that blend really nicely with the beat. Also, the lyrics are fun and captivating. The verses are good too. Eliz brings soulful playful vocals. Her lyrics are simple but  finely crafted. She does a convincing job of getting the listener in a party or dance type of mood. So she sells the theme of the track perfectly. Overall, this song is a winner. From the infectious production to Eliz’s fiery content, one can’t help but to enjoy this single. However, don’t just take the review at face value. Click the above provided link to preview / purchase the song via iTunes. Eliz is currently signed with 26 Mgmt. LLC and her debut album will be released via ERI Records. To check out more of her music and learn more about the North Carolina beauty, hit up her Reverb Nation page.

**My Two Cents: I love Eliz’s voice! She has so much soul and passion to her vocals. She has an amazing ear as well. All of her production on her tracks is top notch. So she knows how to pick out a proper beat. That is key to any hit track. With the right promotion and career moves, Eliz could go on to do some big things. Looking forward to her debut album and seeing what else Miss Camacho can do. -MinM

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Roney A. April 20, 2012 - 9:25 am

Eliz Camacho should be signed by SONY,UNIVERSAL,ATLANTIC -ASAP SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!


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