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Malik Ferraud – “What More Can I Do”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“What More Can I Do” (listen/download)

DMV artist Malik Ferraud is embarking on a new venture in light of an upcoming project that he is working on. The venture is titled, #MalikFerraudMondays. He kicked off the new undertaking last Monday and it will carry on for the next several Mondays for an undecided amount of time. Basically,  he will just be dropping new music for his supporters to enjoy. After a while of doing that, he will unveil a new video. There will also be new webisodes and other fresh content from the artist until the release of the pending project. The first new joint from #MalikFerraudMondays is a track called “What More Can I Do” and it was produced by Nefarious.

The production here is up to par. It consists of: a mid-tempo pace, easy going instrumentation, and an apathetic vibe. The hook is suitable. The delivery is orderly and the lyrics are deviceful. The verses are absorbing. Malik Ferraud comes with a controlled flow, practical wordplay, and seemly rhymes. He discusses at length his perception of the world and the tragic condition it is in. He expresses: “It amazes me at times, when the suns in place. How people can be dark, in the most shady ways. It’s hard to see clear, through the hate as it rains. Followed with mud, then they put dirt on your name. And even if your humble, the respect is never gained. This life that we live in, I can’t even explain. I hope for the best, that another bill get paid. I’m tryna find my purpose, so every night I pray. That tomorrow be better, then the past I’ve made.” Deeply penetrating ideas being highlighted in those bars. Overall, this was a lucrative offering.

**My Two Cents: This was a super laid back track with a lot of meaning behind it. I really enjoyed listening to it. I believer readers will as well. So they are encouraged to click that link. I also love the whole concept behind #MalikFerraudMondays. Good way to stay relevant and in touch with the fans. -MinM

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