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Mad Static & Moses – “Steppin’ Out”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Steppin’ Out” (listen/download)

Outspoken Milwaukee emcee Mad Static has teamed up with local entertainment company, Higher Education Records. Since Higher Education Records’ goal is to “educate” people via real and quality music, Static is a good fit. He and resident Higher Education Records’ producer Moses are currently working on a new masterpiece for the people. This single is the first song off of the project and officially marks Static’s Higher Education Records debut. The production here is good. It contains a diverse mix of sounds, a mid-tempo pace, and a classic Hip-Hop vibe. The hook is on point. The delivery is well executed. The lyrics are a little basic but convey a confident message. The verses are crisp. Static comes with his standout flow, fresh wordplay, and intellectual rhymes.

He smoothly takes the listener on a journey with him as he bares his thoughts on his position in the Hip-Hop world and reminisces of fond memories growing up the in Mil. Prominent lines include: “97 was the s–t for the Mid-West. With Bone Thugs and Do or Die in the tape decks. The fist fights down at Sherman Park. The shots that burn at night. Another n—a’s curtain call. Play fighting on some WWF s–t. I swear I say back in the day was on some next s–t.” Those lines are dope because they are a dead on representation of what the 90’s were like in Milwaukee. Anybody who grew up here in that time frame will be able to appreciate those flashbacks. Overall, this is a solid track. It has a nice Summer feel to it. Static and Moses’ project is titled I Am / I Be and it’s coming soon. So stay tuned to the site.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed this song. I feel it’s perfect for just cruising around while taking in the nice weather. I’m looking forward to hearing what else Static and Moses have to offer. If interested and local, readers can catch Mad Static live tonight at the second part of Monk-bms and Rustik‘s album release party. Get the details here. -MinM

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