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Mad Static – Let The Church Say … Amen! (EP Review)

by Miracle

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Let The Church Say … Amen!

Mad Static is a rapper/poet./songwriter from here in Milwaukee. He turned to poetry and music during his teenage years as a way to cope. In 2005, he decided to become serious about his passions and began to actively pursue a career in Hip-Hop. He started to develop his own signature style while networking and collaborating with other local talents. His goal was to find a way to incorporate both his spoken word and rap influences together. The result was the birth of a conscious style emcee with a variety of: personalities, emotions, and ideas. Whose vocals are set to an even more diverse collection of instruments/sounds, ranging from heavy hitting drums to the more subdued piano. Mad Static wants the world to know that he is not in this for the typical rewards of fame and fortune. Instead, he is just trying to tell stories, express his emotions, and share moments with those who appreciate his art. All he wants in return is for people to not expect him to compromise or dumb down his music. Currently, he is pushing an EP titled, Let The Church Say … Amen! The EP is a six song compilation of Mad Static’s thoughts and emotions over the course of a two year period. Click the jump for a run down of three of the tracks.

“God Bless The Child”

This track was produced by Philly Anderson. The production here is dope. It contains a low bass, some jazzy instruments, and a smooth vibe. Also, it incorporates a sample from the infamous Billie Holiday tune by the same name. There is no hook present on this cut, Mad Static just spits straight through. He has a clean even paced flow going on though, so it works out well. His lyrics are real and thought provoking. He does an excellent job of connecting to the listener while sharing his personal struggles. Some highlight lines include: “Nobody wants to keep it honest anymore. So f–k it then, I will. So every day and night and every rhyme I write, I want the world to know about me. And while a dedicated few stood true, many others tend to doubt me. Song after song comes but I often wonder who is really hearing it. They think I do this s–t for fun, so in the long run, they don’t take it serious. They know me but refuse to give respect. Knowing damn well they felt him. Maybe just to push me out the city, but I’m still here, ya’ll welcome.”  Those are some deep and brilliant rhymes right there. Mad Static did his thing. Overall, this is a hot track. The sound is fresh and Mad Static delivered some premium content.

“S.W.A.G. (Skillfully Written Artistic Grandeur)”

This production here is on point. The quiet tone and slow tempo give off less of a Hip-Hop vibe and seem more like the background music that one would hear during a poetry reading. The hook is top notch but not played too often. The delivery and the lyrics are both very creative. Also, the lyrics have an intellectual feel to them. The verses are good. Mad Static has a lively flow and meaningful lyrics. Additionally, the intellectual feel is carried over from the hook. Noteworthy lines include: “The underdog’s uprising. Sh—y lyricism downsizing. And don’t be surprised if I’m rhyming to you. How we aspire to acquire what they want us to desire. But nine times out of ten, we probably lying to you. The imperial gifted. F–k materialistic s–t. I been poor all my life, so this here I’m used to living with. We all yearn for more but I work to have enough to keep my family and stability.”  Interesting lines that also make one question their priorities in life. In the end, this cut is a winner and definitely worth a spin or two.

“Making My Way”

This is another Philly Anderson produced joint. The production is great. It features a sample of  the theme song from the hit television show Cheers. Also, it has a more uptempo pace then the previous songs and a pleasant vibe. The hook is fair. The spoken delivery portion and the lyrics are up to par. However, the background set of vocals are a little hard to hear and don’t add much to the track. So it would have been fine to leave them out completely. The verses are first rate. Mad Static’s flow has some personality to it, he has some sharp word play, and his rhymes are high quality. He does an entertaining job of sharing his feelings on his career and the industry. His no holds bar attitude is what really gives the verses life. All in all, this track is cool. Could use some minor tweaking but it’s still a fly cut.

**My Two Cents: These are my favorite three songs off of Let The Church Say … Amen! Also, I think they best reflect what Mad Static is all about. His music is definitely different but I enjoy it. He is not afraid to speak his mind or address certain issues. It’s like he says what everybody is thinking but is too scared to say. That is rare these days. Artists in the game are too quick to conform and their music is superficial as hell. So it’s nice to come across someone like Mad Static who is not afraid to be an individual. It is highly suggested that readers open their minds and go check out the EP on Sound Cloud. It is an artistic and stimulating project. -MinM

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