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Lua Proc F/ Young Buck – “Retarded” (Song & Video)

by Miracle


Site affiliate Destiny Loyd recently put us on to an artist by the name of Lua Proc. He is holding it down for Pittsburgh, PA. He is known for being the CEO of the imprint High End Society. Additionally, he has a reputation for approaching his craft with a strong sense of passion and professionalism. He draws inspiration for his music from his day to day circumstances. To date he has shared the stage with everyone from Busta Rhymes to Nicki Minaj. He has also received radio & media attention from the likes of: I Heart Radio, XXL, and Hype Magazine just to name a few. Currently, he is in the midst of preparing a project coined Fish Tailin. He is pushing a collaborative effort with the infamous Young Buck called “Retarded.” The single is accompanied by a video.

The production behind the selection is up to par. Stevie B is to thank for that as he is the producer of the track. The booming bass, gritty secondary details, measured tempo, and businesslike vibe match up favorably together. The hook is fair. The delivery is intense and the lyrics are of a simplistic yet slightly catchy nature. The verses are solid. Lua Proc takes on the first half of the record and Young Buck knocks out the second half. Both artists step to the plate with harsh flows, cutting wordplay, and hardcore rhymes. They send a strong message of caution to anyone who might be thinking about trying their luck against the pair. It’s seemingly not a very good idea. All in all, “Retarded” is an adequate hood anthem.

The video is a product of Dorin Williams, Louis Barr, and Quick Visual Media. The flick opens in a cinematic fashion with Lua and Buck having a meeting in the back of a vehicle. Money exchanges hands between the two for a job of sorts and they then part ways. From there, Lua hunts down an individual that has wronged Buck and drags him to a nondescript location to be dealt with accordingly. The unlucky soul turns out to be a snitch and well everyone knows how the streets feel about those who run their mouth. In between the story-line unfolding, are performance shots of the two rappers and their fellow goons. The piece concludes with Lua doing a bit of clean up work. As a whole, the visuals make for a fly representation of the single.

**My Two Cents: I dig both this song and video. Lua Proc has a nice little style about him and I’m a huge Young Buck fan. The two work pretty well together. The production fit them just right. The hook could use some tweaking but no real complaints otherwise. The video is dope. It’s nothing new in concept but the execution is on point. I think readers will tend to agree. I highly suggest that everyone do themselves a favor and get familiar with Lua Proc asap. -MinM

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