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Lew Sid F/ B.A.S.I.C. – “Heart Of Glass”

by Miracle

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Virginia artist Lew Sid (ATI) is back with the fourth release from his The First And The Fifteenth segment. This time around he teamed up with label mate B.A.S.I.C.  for a collaboration dubbed “Heart Of Glass.” The song was produced by Aaron Sumlin.

The production here is good. The hearty bass, refined Jazz style instrumentation, subtle background details, unhurried tempo, and neutral vibe all fit satisfactorily together. The hook is decent. The sampled vocals are complimentary. The lyrics are solid. The verses are gratifying. The fellas present spotless flows, sharp wordplay, and authentic rhymes. They speak candidly from their souls on a few issues that seemingly trouble them. A handful of noteworthy lines are: “People hate on what they admire but can’t quite be. Likely, trust me, there ain’t many ’round like me. Future bright as mine, nice as me, with my psyche. Very few like us. Good is what they hype us. (…) We ain’t trying to eff the world. She does not excite us. I will take some head off her like the Al-Qaedas. And baby no teeth like when infant child bite us. I’m hoping it inspires when the ghetto child sight us. And not another reason cops visit and indict us.” Those are some prolific bars right there. Overall, this is a valuable offering.
**My Two Cents: I enjoyed this single. The production is suitably packaged. The content is meaningful as well as relevant to the current state of things. Especially given the Ferguson situation. Lew Sid and B.A.S.I.C. tackled their respective messages very honorably. I’m inching just a little bit closer to being in the Lew Sid fan club. I believe readers will dig this too. Only way to know for sure though is to press play. So have at it and don’t forget to visit Lew Sid’s website (see above) to hear the rest of the songs in The First And The Fifteenth campaign. -MinM

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