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Layla Hendryx – “B.T.W” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

artworks-000119359357-c4nstz-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Layla Hendrix is a young budding talent from Toronto, Canada. She released her first official project back in 2014 and has been going strong ever since. This past Summer she released her sophomore effort, Channel 6. The EP is produced entirely by Jmak Beatz and has yielded buzz records “Ride Out” and “B.T.W.” This article will focus on the latter.

The production here is hot. The sunken foundation, hood savvy background elements, measured tempo, and street vibe make for an excellent combination. The hook is a gem as well. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are contagious. The verses are top of the line. Layla Hendrix brings an unique blend of melody & flow to the mix with sleek wordplay and enterprising rhymes. She gives the listener a very assertive image of what she’s all about. All in all, this single is a smash. The hype behind it is well deserved.
There is also a video component to “B.T.W.” The visuals are directed by Rodzilla (Pro League). The premise for the flick is pretty conventional. It’s basically a low key style house party. Layla and her friends live it up with plenty of drinks & smoke to go around. The setting for their gathering makes for a stylish impression. Everyone appears to be having a good time and Layla herself brings a smooth yet playful energy to the viewer as she zones out to the track. The piece concludes with a shot of Layla grooving amongst her peers outdoors before fading to end credits. As a whole, it’s a very dope and fitting vision.
**My Two Cents: I dig Layla Hendrix. Her style is different and she has an unexpected edge to her that really captivates one’s attention. “B.T.W” is a fresh selection. The beat goes, the hook is catchy, and the content is on point. The video is solid as well. I like the simplistic nature of it and the vibe of the party. I think readers will feel this Canadian diva as well and should check out both the song & visuals asap. -MinM

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