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King Cezar – “Pikachu” [CezMix]

by Pooh Bailey


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Kingz Circle Music Group artist King Cezar is back on his BS and is ready to make his case as the King of the Summer.  His first offering is his CezMix of the Lil Baby & Drake smash hit “Yes Indeed” entitled, “Pikachu.” Cezar wants it to be known that he is the new King and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Cezar did his thing on “Pikachu” as usual. He rode the beat in the same fashion as Drake did and his lyrics were cool. For me, the only way this track really would’ve stood out is if he switched up the flow a bit. Don’t get me wrong, he rode the beat. However, he rode it like the artist whose track he was borrowing. The lyrics were decent, but Cezar makes it seems as if he already made it. We want a hungry wolf, not a well-fed lion. But I do have to remind myself that this is just the warm up and Cezar is only getting started. So, lets see if his upcoming project will have me eating humble pie or refusing to have seconds. Its Better This Way the EP is slated to hit the masses soon. So be sure to keep an eye on King Cezar’s Facebook Page (see link at the start of the post) so that you don’t miss out. -Pooh Bailey

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