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$killz – Sound Of Superman (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Sound Of Superman

After much anticipation the new mixtape from the one and only $killz (Sypher Squad) is finally here. Sound Of Superman dropped on the first of this month as promised and is getting some very high praise. It contains a full 80 minutes worth of material, which is something the Milwaukee native seems to pride himself on. Also, it features a healthy dose of local artists including: Rockz Solid, Smokie (Sypher Squad), Lil Ole P, Sinista, and more. Nice to see local artists working together and supporting each other. Readers were already treated to one track from Sound Of Superman via the previously reviewed “Broken Wingz.” Click the jump for the rundown on a few more tracks.

“U Don’t Know Me”

This track kicks off with a popular line from the legendary Batman series. Following the clip, the production kicks in. The production here is quality. It’s heavy hitting with a few loud sound effects and an intense vibe. The hook is on point too. $killz has a clean mid-tempo flow and edgy lyrics. He makes it super clear that he is not fond of people who talk trash or sweat him. The verses are first-rate. $killz continues his clean mid-tempo flow with a strong confidence to his tone. He has clever wordplay and sick rhymes. He is not shy about his belief in himself as the top emcee in the Mil or about addressing those whom he dislikes. Check it as he spits: “You don’t know me, you just think that cause I’m $killz, the best in the Mil, you can just talk to me how you feel. I’m a real a$$ n—a. I’m tired of you fake dudes. Trust me when I say that I literally hate you. I’m a take over the game because that’s what I was made to do. I promise to send my condolences and I’m a pray for you. Don’t be surprised if ya b—h decide not to stay with you. I’m labeled as the chosen one, that s–t is undebatable.” Those are some raw and ill rhymes right there. Overall, this track is hot and well placed in the first half of the tape.

“Get Outta Here” F/ Lil Ole P

The production here is good. It takes  on a lighter tone than the previous track. Also, it includes some instruments and gives off an old school Hip-Hop type of feel. The hook is solid. The vocals have a slightly melodic nature to them. The lyrics are simple with a little repetition thrown in but they work. The verses are fair. $killz kicks things off with the first verse and Lil Ole P takes on the second one. Both rappers came with laid back deliveries and well put together rhymes. The verses do a great job of reflecting each rapper’s individuality. Would have been nice to see each rapper bring a little bit more flair to their rhymes though. In the end, this cut is worth putting into steady rotation. It’s perfect for just sitting back and vibing out to.

“Ridin Hard” F/ Sinista

The production here is dope. It features a dramatic sounding beginning, a smooth low bass line, and a chill vibe. The hook is decent.  $killz and Sinista have effortless flows and catchy lyrics. The two work well together as they take on the hook in a back and forth fashion. The verses are choice. $killz takes on the first verse. He has a super relaxed delivery, witty wordplay, and exceptional rhymes. Some standout lines include: “Maybe it’s the G in me. Maybe it’s the weed in me that got me tripping, staring in the mirror seeing three of me. Maybe it’s the fact  I got every Milwaukee street with me. That n—-s hate me secretly. But I’m a ride peacefully. You could die for even just thinking you wish you could try a piece of me. Sinista got my f—ing back and I got his equally.” That’s some pretty insane spitting right there. Sinista takes on the second verse. He comes with a cool raspy delivery and compelling street rhymes. Both emcees handled their business and went in on this track. Overall, this track is a banger and a favorite off of the mixtape. With two very talented Milwaukee emcees on the same cut, one couldn’t possibly go wrong.


The production here is of premium quality. It takes things back to a lighter tone once again and features an uplifting vibe. The hook is beautiful. The vocals are amazingly done and the lyrics have a strong positive element to them. There is only one verse on this track, as it is a fairly short one. However, that one verse is top notch. $killz killed it from start to finish, leaving the listener wanting more and wishing that the cut was longer. He brings his signature easy going flow, keen wordplay, and superior rhymes. He takes on a more humble attitude and does a stand up job of proving why he belongs in the spotlight. Highlights from the verse include: “I don’t want the cars. I don’t want the hoes. Syph Squad  that’s who I ride for, die for. I know them a be the n—-s I’m a get it with. So unf–kwithable it’s ridiculous. Give me a minute, bet I get rid of them quick. I’m the best in the Mil and they feeling my s–t.” Just a few lines but $killz went ham. In the end, this is a winning song in every aspect. Both the production and the content are stellar. Great way to start winding down for the end of the mixtape.

**My Two Cents: With 25 total tracks and about 80 minutes of music, there is no way to cover every song on this project. But the review should give readers a little more insight on what to expect from Sound Of Superman. The mixtape as a whole is a banger and definitely showcases why $killz is the superman of this rap game. He came with: grade A production, highly respected featured artists, and a variety of fine content. And he was very generous with the amount of songs too. 25 cuts is a lot of material to be giving away for free. Gotta love an emcee who likes to share. All in all, this is a must listen for any fan of TRUE or local Hip-Hop. Don’t just take my word for it though. Click the above provided link and check out Sound Of Superman in it’s entirety via Sound Cloud. -MinM

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