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Kidd Russell – “White Boy Wasted” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“White Boy Wasted” (listen/download)

Kidd Russell is back with another feel good jam. This one has been dubbed “White Boy Wasted” and is a remix of “Back In Black” by legendary Rockers AC/DC. The production here pretty much mirrors the original track with an occasional twist. For example, it’s a tad bit faster than it’s predecessor. The hook is simple. It’s basically just a deep voice repeating the title of the track with a little mixing thrown in. And the verses are favorable. Russell has an easy going flow with entertaining rhymes, as he light-heartedly shares tales of various partying antics with the listener. Overall, this is a catchy and fun song. Definitely think it will appeal to anyone who likes to have a good time.

If readers dig this track, they can peep the video below. This is what Russell shared about the visuals: “This footage is from when the Bananabeat family toured through Chicago. Needless to say we all got “White Boy Wasted.” This video contains some hilarious commentary from Cisco Adler, Shwayze, former WWE wrestler Colt Cabana, the homies Mod Sun, and G Eazy. I was somewhere blacked out around the venue taking shots with all my friends, family, and fans from Chicago. Needless to say the footage made for a very appropriate and dope video directed by David Turvey of Garage Light Films.”  Highlights from the footage include fans speaking on Kidd Russell and Russell doing his world famous stage dive. And yes the commentary is pretty amusing. Overall, this was a pleasant watch.



**My Two Cents: I thought this track was pretty cool. It would make for a fine choice on any playlist during Summer activities and events. The video was alright too. Kidd Russell and his crew really know how to get it in. And it was nice to see the fans having a blast and sharing their opinions. -MinM

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