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SRG – Dreams Of A King (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Dreams Of A King (listen/download)

SRG is a young up-and-coming rapper from Long Island, New York. He dropped a brand new project about a week go entitled Dreams Of A King. The tape serves as his second offering to fans and consists of 13 total tracks. The mixtape also boasts a diverse collection of producers and guest appearances. This fact along with SRG’s talents is said to give the project an original quality sound. Let’s see if that rings true.

“King’s Speech”

The production here is fine. It includes booming background elements, an even mid-tempo pace, and a street tone. The hook is moderate. The delivery is clear and the lyrics are up to par. The verses are solid. SRG embodies an interesting flow, adequate wordplay, and decent rhymes. He speaks bluntly about his dream to make it to king status in this Hip-Hop game. Some noteworthy lines are: “You see it. The ride I took was scenic. The odds aren’t even. Yet and still, I still believe it. You can call me conceited but that I can’t agree with. I just recognize the crown and I know that I could reach it. I’m ready for whatever. And I ain’t reach full stride. I can get better.” Gotta respect the determination in those lines. Overall, this song was fair. It could have been stronger lyrically though since it is the first track that listeners hear on the tape.

“Music, Love, Drugs”

The production here is fly. It’s done in an old school R&B style with a collection of light musical components and an upbeat tone. The hook needs some work. The sampled vocals sound great. The sample is “I Get High (On Your Memory)” by Freda Payne. However, the spoken clips used don’t quite fit the track. Only the sampled vocals should have been used or something original should have been created. The verses are good. SRG serves up a consistent flow, favorable wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He especially does a nice job of executing the metaphors of music and love as types of drugs. All in all, this song is worth checking out. It could use some improvement in certain parts but it’s still a quality effort.


The production here is on point. It contains a prominent bass, a laid-back rhythm, and a smooth vibe. The hook is winning too. It is a twist on the infamous line from female rapper Kreayshawn‘s massive hit “Gucci, Gucci.” The vocals are flawless, the rapped part blends in well, and the lyrics are where the sample comes into play. The verses are satisfactory. SRG brings a cool casual flow and straightforward rhymes. He has no problem being direct and honest in regards to his intentions when hollering at a female. He spits: “Yo sexy a** getting down. Only one night in town? We can make some plans. I’m a call my mans. You get ya girls. Take a step into our world. Good times rolling. Ain’t thinking bout forever baby. Worry about the moment.” Just a couple lines but they sum up the theme of the track perfectly. In the end, this song is a hit and a favorite off of the tape.

**My Two Cents: SRG has a little something going for him. His flow is great but his lyrical game could be better. He just needs to think outside of the box and find a more unique way to put things. But he’s young so he has plenty of time to grow. With that being said, Dreams Of A King is a sound effort. The beats are well done and SRG provides worthy content. Fans of street style Hip-Hop will definitely get something out of it. But please click that link and give it an ear for yourselves. Readers can catch up with SRG on Twitter. -MinM

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