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Kia Rap Princess – “Apply Pressure” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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The #NoLimit LP (iTunes)

“Apply Pressure” is the latest song movement from Milwaukee based artist Kia Rap Princess. The single appears on her #NoLimit LP, which is currently available via all online media retailers.

The tune is set to a tough gritty production with snazzy urban musical elements and a contagious vibe. The hook is favorable. The personality driven delivery and crafty lyrics make for an undeniable combination. The verses are of a top tier quality. KRP dishes out a cavalier flow, crispy wordplay, and exceptional rhymes. She definitely gives the competition a serious reason to step their game up. A sprinkling of signature lines include: “Aye, you gotta use your mind and work your muscle. Stay in ya lane and out of trouble. Gotta know one day that you gone bubble. Aye, you gotta watch your back and never bend. Yeah jealousy a b—h. So watch your friends. Some say the love you, just pretend. Can’t wait for the day ya reign’ll end. Goddamn it’s a world we living in.” Those are some heated bars right there. Overall, this is an A-1 record.

“Apply Pressure” became such a breakout hit amongst her supporters, that Kia tapped 40Mil and decided to release a video for the tune. The visuals feature a really charming storyline. The flick opens with a young girl in her room jamming out with her headphones on. She’s listening to the princess of the Rap game of course. Her father interrupts her session and prompts her to get to school. So she takes the party to the block. In between shots of the little supporter zoning out, KRP can be seen grooving in a way that only she can. Her uninhibited performance truly takes the piece to a whole other level. And there is some slick camera work in place as well. The two ladies vibe out in their own respective worlds for a majority of the video. However, they cross paths towards the end of the offering and the moment is just too awesome. All in all, this is a neat creative vision for the premium selection.

**My Two Cents: I love the fact that whatever KRP drops as of late becomes more than just another release. She takes the measures to make it an anthem or movement that people can become involved in. “Apply Pressure” is a great turn up cut but it has an underlying air of motivation as well. Not too many artists can pack all of that into a record. And the video is just a treat to watch. Incorporating the young fan was a nice touch and Kia has moves for days (lol). 40Mil put everything together nicely too. But no shocker there. He usually does. The merchandise / branding aspect of the video is on point too. Going to have to holler at KRP about a shirt (lol). If they haven’t already, readers need to get with the program and check this out pronto. #NoLimit -MinM

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