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July Eihth – The Show (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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The Show is the second project done by Blaqlizt Music Entertainment artist July Eihth. Also, as made clear in his previous interview, it is his favorite of his two mixtapes. He feels that the project truly displays his skills and establishes him as a rightful  member of the Hip-Hop industry. The Show is hosted by DJ Breez and contains a total of nineteen tracks. July describes it as his interpretations of situations and people through “beats, rhymes, and life.” Let’s dive into a few tracks and see what July has going on.

“Death Sentence”

The production here is dope. It features a low bass, some light sound effects, and an intense vibe. The hook is on point as well. July has a smooth melodic flow and the lyrics are memorable. The verses are good too. July continues his smooth flow at a mid-tempo pace and has some skillful rhyming going on. Also, he has some clever wordplay as well. He definitely captures the listener’s attention right out the gate. Check it as he spits: “I motorize you punks, power up like Mario. Step right up and get a view of the show. Some of ya’ll know ya’ll bro July Eihth is taking over space like people that’s overweight. Make motorists over break before they take a spill off the ledge over the mountain, just right off the hill.” Very slick way to open the track, right? Overall, this song is a banger and definitely starts to show off the growth in July’s lyricism.

“Spread Luv”

The production here is quality. It contains some instruments, a light bass, and has a more upbeat feel than the previous track. The hook is good too. The vocals are nice on the ears and the lyrics have a wonderful message to them. But the kicker is who the vocalist turns out to be. It’s July himself, yes he sings too. How awesome is that? The verses are solid as well. July does a good job of breaking down his thoughts on: the streets, family, and love. He has a consistent flow and well put together lyrics. In the end, this is a track worthy of a few spins. The positive message alone is something that needs to be heard.

“New Money” F / Kia Rap Princess

The production here is hot. The variety of sounds come together and create a very laid back and chill vibe. The hook is also fire. Kia lets her vocals shine and they work perfectly with the beat. Also, she has some catchy lyrics at work. The verses have that heat too. Kia takes the first half of the track and July takes on the second. Both rappers had clean flows with a cool groove to them and top notch lyrics. Peep it as July spits: “You real blessed that you have no need to bear a weapon. Even arms can’t help you achieve financial discretion. Upon your adolescence, you go back to early lessons wishing you paid attention. Too late, here goes the guessing.” There is some real knowledge being dropped in those lines right there. This track is a winner from start to finish and a favorite off of the tape.

“Break Of Daylight”

The production here is solid and should be a familiar one to older Hip-Hop heads. It contains a sampling from A Tribe Called Quest‘s infamous hit, “Bonita Applebum.” The hook is pleasant. Once again, July shows off his vocal game. Also, the lyrics are creative and catchy. The verses are brilliant, July does an excellent job of storytelling. He tells the listener of his night with a special lady via an easygoing flow and smart descriptive lyrics. He shares: “About to stagger to my car, I had too much to drink. (…) But Bonita took me under her wing and made me sink. You can’t operate this car, let me take you to my place. All I could see was a blur along with the night. I’m feeling right, ready to strike. I hope she don’t bite. Made our way to her loft. Her body so soft, I wanna hit her off. So I play it cool like a boss.” Makes for an interesting beginning to a story, huh? Breez suggests that this cut is the ideal part two to the original. He is right, this song is a hit and another favorite off of the project.


This is a special track as it is July’s favorite track off of the mixtape. He drew inspiration for the song from his fiance and daughter. The production here is fair. It includes: some instruments, a bit of bass, and has an old school feel to it. The hook is okay, a bit on the simple side. It is basically just repetition of the title with some vocals in the background. The verses are proper though. July has a clear relaxed flow and respectable lyrics. He does a good job of working with both personal and street elements in his rhymes. In the end, this is an alright track. His fiance and daughter should feel good about inspiring it.

**My Two Cents: This is a review of my five favorite cuts off of The Show. The mixtape as a whole is decent though and certainly does serve as a better example of July’s rhyming and talents. His lyrics were stepped up a notch and the singing was an impressive added touch. Not too many rappers sing and do it well. Also, his content had more substance to it too. He made good use of his interpretations of  situations and people. The listener can tell that he put some real effort into crafting each track. Which leaves no question that he is passionate about being an emcee and that he deserves a spot in the Hip-Hop game. If he holds on to that passion, works hard, and allows himself to grow as an artist; July Eihth could truly become a force to be reckoned with. However, don’t just take the review at face value. Click the above provided link and check out The Show on the new Blaqlizt BandCamp page. -MinM

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