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The Show is the second project done by Blaqlizt Music Entertainment artist July Eihth. Also, as made clear in his previous interview, it is his favorite of his two mixtapes. He feels that the project truly displays his skills and establishes him as a rightful  member of the Hip-Hop industry. The Show is hosted by DJ Breez and contains a total of nineteen tracks. July describes it as his interpretations of situations and people through “beats, rhymes, and life.” Let’s dive into a few tracks and see what July has going on.

July Eihth is a passionate rising emcee who resides in Milwaukee with his heart in New York. As a member of Blaqlizt Music Entertainment, he has released two projects Steal From The Rich, Give To The Poor , The Show, and is currently working on new material. In an exclusive interview with The Illixer, July dishes on everything from being inspired by Biggie to his love for his family.  Check it after the jump ….