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John Lewis The Fifth – “C O P A”

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“C O P A” (preview)

As promised here is the second single that John Lewis The Fifth has shared with the site in recent weeks. It’s titled “C O P A” and was produced by Brooklyn Beatz. The production here is top shelf quality. The rooted base, slight background elements, strolling tempo, and informal vibe mesh grandly together. The hook is fair. The delivery is super laid back, the vocals are a nice compliment, and the lyrics are adequate. The verses are acceptable. John Lewis provides a poised flow, proficient wordplay, and favorable rhymes. He sheds a little light on his character by discussing some leisurely activities and his sentiments on certain situations. Some lines worth observing are: “Geeking up off them things a lot. This Henny got me drowning. Could really give a f–k about any of y’all. You could get the f–k round me. If you in my way, you’ll get knocked to the side. Or you’ll get knocked down like a piñata. Swear it’ll be a lot better if it’s more quieter. If you got questions, then I don’t know nada. Keep your mouth shut. N—a that’s how I was brought up.” Those are some very upfront bars right there. Overall, this is a valid effort.

**My Two Cents: This was a legitimate track. Not the strongest of the music that I’ve heard from John Lewis The Fifth thus far though. But it’s still good for a few spins. The sound was great. Brooklyn Beatz laced the record well. The hook had a solid structure, just needed the lyrics to be a little more creative. And the content was up to snuff but could’ve packed a tad more pizzazz. Do you agree? Check out the single and drop us a line in the comments section below. -MinM

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