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Joey Burbs – “In Demand”

by Miracle

artworks-000171936295-kyaboe-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Our fave Texas / Milwaukee representer Joey Burbs is ready to move forward from his EP release which took place last year. He’s had an emotional roller-coaster of a time over the past several months and he’s channeled it all into a brand new single. The song is dubbed “In Demand” and it is produced by Ryan Sage.

The production here is uniquely put together. The steady bass-line, quirky background elements, eclectic tempo, and Pop style vibe make for a delightful combination. The hook is a treasure. The delivery is melodic and the lyrics are magnetic. The verses are of a reputable nature. Joey Burbs continues to take on a melodic approach with his flow and the lyrics are fulfilling. The press release for this track states that this is Joey’s declaration of confidence and the listener can definitely pick up on his wave of self-assurance. A sprinkling of lines to take note of are: “I got a team of my own now. I don’t know where to go now. But I know where I been. So what you trying to do? I see you coming for the squad and boy you bound to lose. Just realize that while you coming for him that there’s enough for all of us. And everybody could win. But you keep spending all that energy on things that don’t apply to you. I keep doing things that you would more than probably die than do.” One has to appreciate the heart and wisdom being illustrated in those words right there. All in all, this is a refreshing selection.

**My Two Cents: Glad to have a new tune from Joey Burbs as he is one of my faves. I dig this record a lot. The beat is cool and I like the fact that the content is delivered in a style other than Hip-Hop. Joey is known for blending genres but its a nice change of pace for him to go more towards the Pop route. I think the lyrics could have been a tad bit stronger to help re-enforce the whole confidence theme but otherwise no complaints. Readers should give this an ear in their spare time. Looking forward to hearing what else Joey has in store as 2016 continues to wind down. -MinM

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