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Jetpack Jones & Don Diestro – 380 SL (Mixtape Review)

by Pooh Bailey

380 SL Hosted By DJ SWU(Photo By Eustace Mamba)

Smokers, Vibers, and Midnight Riders listen up. I would like to introduce you to California natives Jetpack Jones and producer Don Diestro. Together they proudly present their new collaborative mixtape 380 SL hosted by DJ SWU.  The project features guest appearances from: Tone Oliver, Mann, Cliff Savage, Mack Chamberlain, and more. 380 SL is a sample based project utilizing many records from Jetpack’s personal vinyl collection that is inspired by the old Mercedes that his grandfather used to own.  And with that said, 380 SL is for those who cruise around the city at 2am. 380 SL is for the Saturday morning coffee shop runners. It’s for folks to smoke their hookah to. So if you’re all about that bass, sorry no treble (song stuck in my head sorry).

Jetpack Jones isn’t your super lyrical rapper. And that’s cool because the game would be boring with just super lyrical rappers. He is what we would call the laid-back rapper. A rapper with a super chill flow that you love to listen to even if what he is saying is simple. Songs like: “U.S.,” “Golden State of Mind,” and “Right Now,” makes you wish they never end because that’s how comfortable Jetpack Jones make himself on these tracks. But it’s not just Jetpack Jones’ demeanor but it’s also Don Diestro’s production that brings you in and keeps you there. For Don Diestro to take Jetpack’s vinyls and create his own sound is phenomenal. I’ll admit songs like “The Dawn,” “Stroke of Genius,” and “Greatest Feel” I had to listen to a few times because I was more into the production than the rapper. I mean that’s great for the producer but not so much for the rapper.

With everything considered, 380 SL is pretty dope for what it’s portraying. And that would be a tape that you can zone out to. Would I listen to this mixtape when I go running? Unless I’m running to the smoke shop, no. But I will listen to this project on a road trip. Jetpack Jones and Don Diestro did a good job on this collaborative effort. But in the future, Jetpack will have to step it up. He has to make his presence more noticeable. The production should never outweigh the rapper. It should always be a 50/50 balance. Once Jetpack and Don Diestro master that, their collaborative works shall be great. Now excuse me, I got to see how I can get ahold of Jetpack’s vinyls. -Pooh Bailey

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