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Jackson King – Cosmic Love Sound (Beat Tape Review)

by Miracle

Cosmic Love Sound Cover(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Cosmic Love Sound (preview)

Jackson King is a producer from Los Angeles, CA. He is in his early twenties and has been exposed to a wide variety of music throughout his lifetime. He has indulged in everything from the eccentric stylings of Prince to the versatile creations of Timbaland. It resulted in him having a very accepting ear with the belief that music is music regardless of genre. However, his ultimate musical inspiration comes from the late J. Dilla. Jackson admires Dilla’s inventiveness and the way he utilized instruments in his work. Upon graduating high school, he took his free spirited thoughts and inspiration towards music and decided to study audio engineering. His studies allowed him to create a sound all his own which he does not like to categorize as he sees categories as limits. But to give listeners an idea of what to expect from him, it is said that his tunes cover an extensive spectrum of genres such as: Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, etc.

A little bit ago, Jackson shared his latest project with the site. It’s a beat tape titled Cosmic Love Sound. It is packaged as an eight part medley that is just slightly over 12 minutes long. The tape serves as Jackson King’s version of an alternative approach to producing Hip-Hop music. Other details about the tape that were shared include: The beats consist of smooth atmospheric melodies to create a spacey vibe that causes your ears to dive deep into the mix, laced with laid back in the pocket grooves to keep your head nodding. The dialogue about the cosmos that pops up in and out of the mix sets the mind in a state of peace. (…) This is some real smooth music that would be perfect for a chill session, a little spouse action or even after a long day at the job. Just let this one bump while you get into your comfort zone.” The tape opens with a well grounded bass that has a funky pattern to it. From there, it transitions to a slow tempo segment fused with one of a kind elements. The middle of the project contains some mesmeric sounds too, including a section with ethereal components and an upbeat vibe. The tape plays out with a hearty foundation, trendy rhythm, and a cultured tone. All in all, this was an unique top of the line beat tape.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a really delectable tape. The sounds were very diverse, the pace was consistent, the transitions were clean, and the space themed clips were a genius touch. However, it didn’t breed Hip-Hop to me. In my opinion, it has much more of a Jazz, Soul, or R&B feel to it. Which is not a bad thing. Those are all wonderful genres too. My ear just processed the music differently than King intended. Where do you think Cosmic Love Sound falls? Have a listen and decide for yourselves. Also, be sure to catch Jackson King online here. -MinM

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