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Introducing: Alex Takton

by Miracle

Readers welcome Alex Takton. Alex Takton is an artist, DJ, and producer who hails from the Great Lakes Region. He prides himself on being immersed in the Hip-Hop culture from an early age. His music is said to be an expression of his personal emotions which range from partying to feeling a little down & out. He boasts a hearty catalog that includes features from the likes of Too $hort, Scarface, etc;. Additionally, he has picked up cultural gems from studying with legends such as DJ Kool Herc. Alex Takton is a genuine representation of a true music lover and Hip-Hop fan. He reached out and invited the site to peruse through his arsenal for something that our followers might appreciate.

We did some digging and came across a collaboration with the one and only Afroman. The song is called “Smokin Da Best” and it also features a frequent collaborator of Takton’s, Godxilla. The production here is enjoyable. It is comprised of quirky musical ingredients, an upbeat tempo, and a fun vibe. The hook is a gem. The delivery is soulful and the lyrics are very memorable. The verses are fitting. The fellas come with clean-cut flows, colorful wordplay, and thematic rhymes. They pay homage to their favorite past-time in a way that is sure to appeal to smokers and non-smokers alike. Overall, this is a catchy little anthem. There is a visual for the record as well. The video mirrors the good spirited energy of the track and contains a strong country influence. The viewer can tell that the guys had a ball filming the piece. Definitely worth the watch. If readers are feeling “Smokin Da Best” they can find it on Alex’s album, Mequon’s Most Wanted Volume II.

**My Two Cents: Alex Takton is a little different from the type of artists that we usually feature on the site. But that’s what got our attention. He has an unique style and his passion for the culture is very respectable. “Smokin Da Best” has a diverse reach. It’s a stoner’s anthem but is packaged in such a way that anyone who likes their Hip-Hop on the lighter side will get a kick out of it too. Plus, it was a treat to see Afroman in action after all of these years (lol). He aged well and can still hold his own. And I like the concept for the video. They took a clever approach to bringing the song to the small screen. Are y’all feeling it? Let us know something in the comments section. -MinM

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