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Traxx Sanders – Fatboi Season (Album Review)

by Miracle
Fatboi Season (Stream Here)

Multi-genre music sensation Traxx Sanders took the indie music scene by storm in 2021 with his debut offering Skhizo. He’s set to go for a repeat with the release of his sophomore follow-up, Fatboi Season. Traxx Sanders was born in Michigan but raised in the good old 414. Growing up in not so favorable conditions, Traxx turned to music to help him escape his surroundings. He started out making beats in high school and then added songwriting to his repertoire in college. It was there he discovered the depths of his passion for music and decided to pursue the art form full time while putting school in his rear-view. He went on to become one of the most widely recognized songwriters from Milwaukee. His pen has blessed the likes of Jaheim, GunPlay, Zacardi Cortez, etc. Additionally, he has received four ASCAP songwriting awards. In 2019 he decided to dive into the game as a solo artist and the rest is pretty much history.

Backed by his two alter egos (Fatboi Freshy and Biscuit Johnson), Traxx Sanders is ushering in Fatboi Season today which just so happens to also be his birthday. The second solo project consists of nine total tracks and the early listening sessions had the people going crazy. So The Illixer had to get in on the action. Continue reading to see if we too joined the Traxx Sanders fan club.

“Fatbois” F/ Fatboy Gwalla Gwalla

The production here is dope. The hearty knock, crisp musical ingredients, middling tempo, and savvy vibe make for a top notch combination. The hook is a definite attention grabber. The delivery is unique and the lyrics are taunting. The verses are just as engaging. The fellas serve up distinct flows, colorful wordplay, and brazen rhymes. They rep hard for the bigger guys out there with no shame. Check it as Traxx goes in with lines like: “Ya b—h fell in love with a fat boy. She don’t like skinny things. She like big toys. B—h chose up. Made a big choice. Got the p—y soaking wet. Now she big moist. She telling all her girls. Now they want one.” One has to appreciate the audacity of those opening bars right there (lol). All in all, this selection is a banger. Potential viral hit for sure. Especially with the current and widely popular #BigTok trend on TikTok.

“Got The Feeling” F/ Tae Spears & Quise Picasso

The production here is sleek. The low lying base, snazzy musical details, easy going tempo, and swagged out vibe result in a magnetic pairing. The hook is on point as well. The delivery is smooth and the lyrics are lit. The verses are well put together too. The guys dish out confident executions with apt wordplay and ambitious rhymes. They are in their bags and definitely giving big HNIC energy. A sampling of the latter from Traxx includes: “I got my wrist bust down. She want to take me down. I got my fit so drip that b—h a probably drown. I like my b—hes spicy. I like my Cubans icy. I got a new whip outside. Wish guys could see me now.” That’s definitely a compelling way to kick off the track. Overall, this song is another hit for sure. Could certainly see it blowing up as a club anthem.

“Do Not Disturb”

The production here is polished. The subtle foundation, delicate supporting elements, leisurely rhythm, and mature vibe are a real treat for the ears. The hook is pleasing too. The harmonies are sweet sounding and the lyrics are passionate, The verses are kosher. Traxx Sanders taps fully into his R&B side with choice melodies and vividly crafted lyrics. He pens a fine auditory picture of being focused solely on his lady for the evening without any kind of distractions present. He croons: “Baby that’s how kids born. I don’t want to scare you. But girl I dare you, just let me do whatever. You wet but I can make you wetter.” Ladies insert the hot face emoji here, am I right (lol)? As a whole, this is an enchanting record.

**My Two Cents: Traxx Sanders is well deserving of all of the fandom that he receives. His versatility is extremely impressive. I like that fact that he mixes things up and isn’t just confined to one medium of expression. Fatboi Season is a top tier project. All nine tracks are worthy of a listen. It was very hard to pick my favorite three. The beat selection is flawless, the guest artists compliment Traxx nicely, and the content is entertaining. I see lots of end of the year awards/accolades in this album’s future. Salute to DJ Trill Will for making sure we didn’t miss out. Y’all get on that link! Happy Birthday Traxx! -MinM

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