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Music Quickies: Fava – “Far From Famous” (Video)

by Miracle
Screenshot from debut video of FAVA. credit Tone Bone of Strictly Bizz, LLC

Video Screenshot: Credit $killz

This morning at midnight, Sypher Squad boss Tone Bone aka $killz released the premier video for emerging Milwaukee artist Fava. The selected track Far From Famous contains the usual bravado and bragging about being the ‘king of Milwaukee’ that most young artists preach. The visual structure of the video is black & white with a swinging screen shot and a simple one angle set up. There is an inclusion of an interview with UFC competitor Chico Camus at the beginning and end, to attempt to lend some form of unearned status to this freshman artist. The contrast of color and black & white while quite visually appealing to a small degree, is too big of a distraction when the placement of the sample should have been at one side or the other.

The song in itself is a typical mixtape single, industry beat with a cocky young rapper making claims beyond their years, but it’s decent. Fava really does display a large amount of potential but to simply come out with his debut single and claim to be the ‘king of Milwaukee’ is not a smart career move. To anybody that wants to view the video you can click play above and enjoy. ~Biggz

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