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BlitZ & NFMY – No Pad, No Pen, No Problem (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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No Pad, No Pen, No Problem (listen/download)

Guest Pen Author: Cezar

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Its always nice to get new music from the hometown Hip-Hop Scene. Milwaukee Hip-Hop artists BlitZ & NFMY from Music Genius Minds (MGM) have offered up a brand new mixtape entitled No Pad, No Pen, No Problem. The hype behind this mixtape is that these two creative minds decided to create a full length mixtape with out writing anything down and also restricting any featured artist from writing any material for the mixtape. The deadline set by MGM was one month and amazingly MGM managed to put together a decent project for their listeners in that time frame. When given a full listen this mixtape has average quality music, but the potential is definitely evident. Continue reading to find out which three songs best reflect the tape’s promise.

“Good Music”

This track by BlitZ and NFMY is about their drive and desire to make music. More specifically, the song is about their stories that have accumulated during their journey through Hip-Hop. The lyrical content is well put together as the story progresses smoothly and is easy to follow. The actual rhymes and flow are basic but serve their purpose as the medium to keep the tale simple and to the point. The production on this is beyond superb quality and adds the perfect background for this song.

“Rocket Man”

This track consists of BlitZ and NFMY directing their rhymes toward an estranged lover. BlitZ and NFMY try to convince their estranged loves that it is possible to reconcile their relationships. The song further explains the struggle of a rapper trying to obtain a healthy connection to a significant other: “I tell her pardon the reputation. I fit the description. I’m used to flipping these b–ches as much as switching positions. With you and me its a difference. Like I believe we can make it cause what I hold is a vision that’s more than seeing you naked.” These lyrics explain the redemption that the artist is trying to achieve. The production on this beat is very light and perfect for this occasion. The hook is catchy and strong. Overall this a favorite on the mixtape.

“Ill Mind Of Genius”

This track consists of the whole MGM crew. The production on this is of average quality. It has a strong early Hip-Hop vibe reminiscent of the 1996 Mid-West era. This posse cut is lyrically fair with the use of typical but consistent metaphors. Each artist seems to hold their own which makes this track a balanced and easy listen. The flows of each artist are intelligently put together and at times very creative.

**Cezar’s Final Perspective: Overall, this mixtape is a good offering for MGM. The production was high grade and the lyrical content fits the concept to the letter. Hopefully, MGM delivers Milwaukee a fully written more time invested project. The potential is there and with the confidence displayed by BlitZ & NFMY, it would be interesting to see them come back for more. -Cez

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