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Gerald Walker – “Girl, Oh No He Didn’t!?”

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

“Girl, Oh No He Didn’t!?” (via Ivy Awino)

Gerald Walker is an up-and-coming emcee from Chicago, IL who is no stranger to the state of Wisconsin or the city of Milwaukee. He also dabbles in  vocal work, songwriting, and producing. He started rapping after graduating high school and released his first mixtape in 2009. After releasing three mixtapes and developing a bit of a name for himself within the Hip-Hop community, Walker began his rise to the top in 2011. His fourth mixtape The Other Half of Letting Go officially put him on the map as a new contender in the Hip-Hop game. The project received rave reviews in numerous publications such as XXL and the Shepherd Express. Walker was already making big moves prior to the success of the tape though, like touring with Yelawolf and appearing on MTV. So it was just the icing on the cake so to speak. Currently, Walker has dropped a new track for his fans entitled “Girl, Oh No He Didn’t!?.” Check the details after the jump.

The production here is hot. It contains subtle sound effects, a little bass, and a very smooth relaxed vibe. The hook is on point as well. Walker has impressive vocals going on and the lyrics are creative and appealing. The verses are top notch. Walker brings a clean unique flow, clever witty wordplay, and impeccable rhymes. He even drops a little note or two at the end of each verse. Peep it as he spits: “They like Will Smith chick. Cause I swear I got ’em jaded. All because they think I made it. And my s–t is A plus. But hey, who the f–k is grading? Shout out to Cheri who took them hoes and backed them off. B ain’t talking about money, I’m sorry homie you have lost me. I got love for the underground but my s—s way more glossy. And they asking who the next out of Milwaukee? And they saying Ger Walker.” Those are some slick lines right there. Overall, this track is a hit. The production is perfect and Walker goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional content. Readers can preview/purchase this track via iTunes at the above link. Also, be sure to check out the other links as well for more info about Walker and more of his music.

**My Two Cents: I was extremely impressed with this track. Gerald Walker really handled his business. The intellect in his rhyming is crazy and he has some nice vocals. And again, the production was winning too. I definitely agree he has a lot of talent and is going places. -MinM

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