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Gerald Walker & Cardo – On Your Side Part 2 (EP Review)

by Miracle

(Photos By Ivy Awino)

 On Your Side Part 2 (listen/download)

Gerald Walker released his eighth digital project at the end of last month. It is a collaboration EP with producer Cardo (Taylor Gang). The EP is titled On Your Side Part 2 and was released courtesy of One Step At A Time Music. The work was hosted by DJ Rockstar. It serves as the follow up to the On Your Side album which came out back in 2011. On Your Side Part 2 bears nine brand new tracks and guest appearances by artists such as: Kiara Dupree, keY Wane, and more. Find out the deal on a few tracks after the jump.

“They Don’t Know What We Know”

The production here is hot. It contains an easy going core, infectious musical ingredients, and a silky smooth vibe. The hook is winning as well. The delivery is excellent and the lyrics are magnetic. The verses are top of the line. Gerald exhibits an attractive flow, keen wordplay, and flawless rhymes. He speaks freely on: how he is perceived in the game, words of wisdom he’s received, and more. Observes as he spits: “And this n—a from the Mil cause they believing in his message. And man I’m thanking God. The opportunity’s a blessing. It’s only been a year my n—a look at the progression. N—as talk s–t on Facebook and try to blast me out. But guarantee in person man they never will address him. I will pop a squat and put some s–t from my intestines on your whole career. So stop it now is my suggestion.” Sick words being dished out by Mr. Walker right there. Overall, this is a grade A number and the favorite off of the EP.

“Here’s To Us” F/ Jack Freeman & Shye

The production here is of high quality. The weighted bass, low instrumentation, and light secondary sounds, all come together and create a soulful vibe. The hook is proper. The vocals are passionate and the lyrics are real. The verses are legit. Gerald sports his infamous distinguishable flow, direct wordplay, and novel rhymes. He introduces his more carefree side while at the same time sharing a bit about what motivates him. Some lines worth mentioning are: “I got it. Man I got it. F–k the cost. Get what you want. Don’t worry bout it. Life ain’t always bout the struggle. Swear sometimes you gotta live a bit. My girl just called. I know she tripping and I don’t give a s–t. Tonight this for my n—as. (…) We screaming believers never die. Man f–k the haters. Let them keep staring. We don’t say nothing. Cause when you winning this s–t’s apparent.” Dope spitting by Gerald in those lines. In the end, this track is a success and worthy of a couple of spins.

“Get High To Get By” F/ Bryant Stewart

The production here is satisfying. The medium pace, gentle elements, and subdued vibe make for an enjoyable combination. The hook is four star quality. The vocals have a polished tone to them and the lyrics are meaningful. The verses are adequate. Gerald provides a conservative flow and esteemed rhymes. He expresses his thoughts on a variety of subjects like: struggling, making it in the music game, etc. A few memorable lines include: “Got something for them mothaf–kers out there laughing. They didn’t think a n—a was gonna make it happen. Cause everything is go! Say I’m finna blow! So don’t be surprised when we pass you. (…) They thought they had it all the way. But my n—as laughing all the way to the bank. Bout to show the world we going higher and higher.” Commendable display of confidence in those words. All in all, this song is a solid offering.

**My Two Cents: On Your Side Part 2 is a model EP. Gerald Walker was on top of things as usual. Also, he did a superb job of selecting guest artists and producers.  This project for sure belongs on the list of top releases for the year. But readers should hit up Dat Piff and listen for themselves. Following the release of the EP, Gerald Walker headlined his first show in Chicago at the Abbey Pub. His next venture will be in Atlanta at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival on the 12th. To get more with Gerald Walker, readers can visit his website. -MinM

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