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gaVen heVy – .​.​.​Dedicated To Her (EP Review)

by Miracle

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.​.​.​Dedicated To Her (listen/download)

Brooklyn, New York emcee gaVen heVy dropped his first full body of work at the top of the year entitled …Dedicated to Her, through the official INeverRapped2BCool record label. The three track project speaks volumes on quality over quantity, as each of the individual songs are strong lyrically and production-wise. Let’s dive right in.

The opening track, “…If You Asked” (produced by Oddisee) is an examination of the day to day struggles of poverty from both a male and female perspective. The track is stripped-down yet jazzy, with a nice horn sample and very funky baseline. These simple production elements compliment gaVen’s serious social commentary perfectly: “But its not really that simple, they should’ve told me the truth. Cause every genius that lived was once considered a fool. And every brother that tried, the same brother that died. I’m tryna stay sober but I’ll end up getting high. That’s my only way to cope, when I’m slowly losing hope. Society is a joke and politics is a hoax.”

“…Lost Generation” (produced by Exile) opens with the spoken word poem “1991” performed by Neudelle, and goes on to tell the story of a no-name hustler trying to change his current path of destruction to the road less traveled. Production again is not too heavy, with a focus on hard drums and a smooth baseline. The chorus is catchy and crafted just right for the song’s main message: “When you doing wrong man, its hard to make it right. And when you in the dark man its hard to see the light. You gotta persevere, you gotta persevere.”

The final track is “…Wants & Needs” (Produced by Kev Brown) a little ode to that special woman in gaVen’s life (which seems like it could ALSO be a metaphor for his relationship with his fans, in my opinion). The sounds pick up in this track, with a whining synth, a little guitar, and dope percussion that makes you want to two step if nothing else.

**Final Thoughts: All in all this is a solid project and a very nice starting point for the young lyricist. The lyrics are content heavy and the production stays very concise through the entire listen. While not enough content here to judge him too far outside of his potential, gaVen heVy definitely lets listeners know that he has something to say. – Real McCoy

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