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Dave Amazin – Young Solomon (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Young Solomon (listen/download)

For fans waiting on More Superficial S–t (MSS) from Chi-Town rhymer Dave Amazin, he dropped a new mixtape in February called Young Solomon. The tape is a 12-track mixture of new songs from Dave as well as new snippets from MSS. With the track “City of Win” previously reviewed on the site, check out what else really stands out on the project to The Illixer.

“Young Solomon”

The opening title track (produced by Beatfreeq) kicks things off with a soulful banger. The sample adds great ad-libs to the deep drums and punchy horn section. It ramps up when the track is layered with high synth and piano throughout the song where a chorus would be placed, though there doesn’t seem to be an official one in the song. Dave has some hard and honest lines in this song like: “You were born a King, thats your title just accept it. All that knowledge that you claim you have is bull but I respect it. Heard too many people say ‘Dave you up next kid.’ But when I drop herion nobody spins my record;” this serves as a great opener.

“These Hoes”

This joint (produced by Stereo Symphony) is a slick talking track where Dave voices his opinion on ladies who he considers “side” women. This production uses another soulful sample as the base, and fills it in with heavy 808s and some hi hats; it fits perfectly. While there is no chorus on this track either, there are a few lines that ooze Dave’s inner player: “That’s a cold thought from a hot thot. Wouldn’t give her grits with the pot hot. She thinks she’s with the shits but she can’t be. The b—h still ride around in the Camry. (…) Its a shame these hoes is deranged. Wouldn’t get an umbrella up in the rain.The substance is debatable but the content is still fitting for the record.

“The View”

This song (produced by Tye Hill) is one of the last on the project. The production is very calm, with simple drums and an airy synth layering a lush organ throughout the entire song. It is one of Dave’s most personal songs as well, addressing beefs with other emcees, family deaths, and where he wants to be in the future: “Its crazy, lost my favorite uncle on that swayze. Pancreatic cancer took his life before I thanked him. Couldn’t even make it to his burial or funeral plot. Because on the way there the f–king car stopped. And that’s when my heart dropped.” Emotional lines like these make this one of the best tracks on the mixtape.

**Final Thoughts: Overall, this is a fairly brief but nice placeholder from Dave. There is some dope production on this tape that helps the emcee stand out, even when the lyrics slip a little bit. Both the unfinished snippets of “China White” & “Ain’t None” are well placed and easily adds some anticipation for MSS (especially the bounce in Ain’t None). – Real McCoy

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