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Emmitt James F/ Genesis Renji – “Could Of Been Me (Keep On)”

by Miracle

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“Could Of Been Me (Keep On)” F/ Genesis Renji (listen/download)

Milwaukee poetic emcee Emmitt James is setting out to release a brand new EP next month. It’s been dubbed James London. The title was inspired by his trip overseas to London that took place earlier this Summer. He has officially began promotion for the project with it’s first leak, “Could Of Been Me.” The song serves not only as the first single off of the EP but it is also Emmitt’s response to the tragic Trayvon Martin ordeal. It has been paired as a deluxe offering with a Side B track labeled “Keep On” that features President Obama‘s speech following the Zimmerman verdict. It was produced by James himself with mixing & mastering from Pizzle, and a guest appearance from fellow artist Genesis Renji.

The production here is of high quality. It contains a sample of  soulful singer Adele‘s smash hit “Chasing Pavements.” The rich foundation, exquisite secondary musical elements, brisk pace, and restful vibe gel together triumphantly. The hook is a gem too. It’s a twist of Adele’s vocals from the earlier mentioned sample with a neat repeating pattern to it. The verses are meaningful. Emmitt leads the way on the first verse and drives the record home on the last. Genesis Renji provides admirable support on the middle portion of the selection. Both artists came with stable flows, thought provoking wordplay, and conscious rhymes. The goal of this offering was to embody the pain & anger that was felt worldwide as a result of the Zimmerman verdict in an artistic and peaceful manner. The duo accomplished said goal remarkably. Memorable lines from Emmitt James include: “How the hell my people supposed to learn to love again? When we think the government, we see Zimmerman. I know they hate I’m on my conscious tip. A young king from Africa rocking moccasins. That’s tribal if you flaunting. So try me if you want it. I went to church depressed and found joy come in the morning.” Profound touching words are present within those bars. Things conclude with a snippet from the previously mentioned Obama speech which segues cleanly into the Side B. All in all, this was an honorable & superior piece of work.

**My Two Cents: This is one of the best songs inspired by the Trayvon Martin case that I’ve heard. I think Emmitt & Genesis did an excellent job of capturing feelings that were felt universally in regards to the situation. So it doesn’t just provide therapy for them but for a lot of people who will listen to it or who have listened to it. And the production was sublime too. Nothing but respect for all those involved with this one. -MinM

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