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Drama Sinatra – “Whoa Now”

by Miracle

drama-whoa-now-cover(Photo By Sound Cloud)

New Jersey artist Drama Sinatra checked back in with the site recently after a being away for a spell. He passed along a fresh new tune. The record is coined “Whoa Now” and it is produced by Matty Moonshine.

The production here is appealing. The tough bass-line, grimy background elements, spirited tempo, and businesslike vibe make for a valid combination. The hook is adequate. The delivery is inventive and the lyrics are uncomplicated. The verses are satisfying. Drama Sinatra steps to the plate with a colorful flow, trendy wordplay, and memorable rhymes. He goes hard on the mic with an undeniable presence that is sure to leave a favorable impression on the listener. For example, he spits: “N—as move the powder every hour like a loco. Dipping through the alley trying to swerve from the po-po. Rubber-band around the paper. Got it in a choke hold. Sheesh! Now who the f–k it be? I ain’t never knew a n—a that could f–k with me. Put ya trust in me. I just plan to live the good life of luxury. Whoa. Play the block or play the field, all my n—as is realer than all these hundred dollar bills. With or without a deal, never one to chill cause I’m in it for the kill.” Those are some lit bars being put forth right there. As a whole, this is a great return to the site for Mr. Sinatra.

**My Two Cents: It’s always exciting to get a submission from an artist when you haven’t heard from them in a minute. “Whoa Now” is a slick cut. The production is hot and Drama does his thing on the content. I especially dig the way he incorporates different styles into his flow. That takes skill. The hook could use a little tweaking though and the lyrics could be tighter at some points. But overall, this is not a bad track at all. I think readers will agree. Go ahead and click that play button. -MinM

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