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Don Ether – “No Remorse” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

“No Remorse” (iTunes)

Milwaukee / Phoenix artist Don Ether has revamped his brand and stepped up his artistry as well. Blending influences from both regions to create something special. To catch us up on his refreshed style, he sent over his latest single & video “No Remorse.”

The track is produced by Kenny Kofi. The production here is pristine. The clean foundation, soulful background elements, slight groove, and down to earth vibe make for a pleasing combination. The hook appears more so towards the end of the record. The hook is of a respectable quality. The delivery is melodic and the lyrics are candid. The verses are efficient. Don Ether utilizes a determined flow, smart wordplay, and plain spoken rhymes. He let’s it be known that he’s a man on a mission and no amount of negativity or ill will is going to stand in his way. He spits: “I’m going places anyway cause my crowds be the hypest. My grind be the ripest. My timing is timeless. Like cooked dope up on the stove, my lines be the nicest. This fire is ignited. You know I’m the hottest. Don’t need to break out in a deal for people to find me.” One has to appreciate the confidence and hunger emerging from those bars right there. All in all, this is a gratifying number.

As mentioned, there is a video that goes along with this single. The premise for the flick is interesting. It has a dark tone to it that keeps the viewer watching to see exactly what’s going to happen. Don is joined throughout the flick by a female decked out in a lit up stitch mask carrying a baseball bat (think The Purge franchise). There is also an element of fire present and a broke down abandoned plane. It’s an unexpected approach to bringing the single to life but it works out well. It carries out the intensity that is contained in the lyrics of the tune. Overall, I think the visual is worth a watch or two.

**My Two Cents: I’m feeling Don Ether and his new music. I love the easy going nature of the instrumental vs. the more serious air of the content. It provides a likable contrast. The video is great too. I love the twisted theme that is going on. And Don just fits into the whole scenario so naturally. I’m digging the impact that Arizona is having on the 414 talent. Looking forward to keeping up with Don and seeing how 2018 plays out for him musically. So stay tuned. -MinM

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