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Bili Ro$e – “Switch Up”

by Miracle

The first official bit of new music coming to The Illixer in the new year comes from site affiliate Bili Ro$e. The Paradise Lost emcee is currently pushing a track coined “Switch Up.” The track spans just over three minutes in length and is doing some pretty impressive numbers on the streaming front. Find out what just may be the reason behind it’s popularity after the break.

The production here is super valid. The orderly foundation, glossy musical elements, smooth rhythm, and casual vibe make for a rewarding combination. The hook is likable. The delivery is quick and the lyrics are fetching. There is only a single verse present on this record. The lone verse is satisfactory in nature. Bili Ro$e slides thru with a brisk flow, fitting wordplay, and illustrative rhymes. He paints a picture that not only shines light on his transformation but explains the end goal behind the new change as well. He spits: “These n—as ain’t loyal. They more like to spazz. We too focused on getting cash though. Baby say I got a one track mind. I ain’t racing off to the a** though. Baby say you such a f–king a**hole. Chasing dreams turned me to insomniac. Got my n—as trapping out the bando, so they ain’t gotta whip Pontiacs. In the hood you probably never find me at. Cause the dream is always to make it out. Ocean views from my penthouse with a bad b–ch on my casting couch.” One has to respect the desire for the come up that is laid out within those lines right there. All in all, this is a noteworthy offering.

**My Two Cents: “Switch Up” is another notch on the hits belt for Bili Ro$e. The production is really well done and the content does not disappoint either. Bili seems to have a thing for creating memorable hooks and his verse has a lot of real talk going on as the saying goes. I just wish he would have given us one more verse to take in. It would have given the song a more complete feel. Otherwise, I’m here for this single. And I’m sure that readers will be too. So go ahead and click play. Rumor has it that the long awaited Paradise Lost project is on the way horizon for release in the very near future. So be sure to follow Mr. Ro$e at the above provided link so that you don’t miss out. And of course we will have it here on the site as well. So check back with us too. -MinM

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